Quick ERP Supports Thai Industry Upgrade, Creates “Smart Gate” to Solve Problems of Stock Shortage, Missing Products-Device, Wrong-Not On-Time Delivery.



Quick ERP, a Thai technology company, continues to extend the ERP system toward creating the innovative Smart Gate, an intelligent gate, using RFID technology and AI camera for the development into a Gate that connects to device, crates, goods within factories and warehouses, that can record data, cut stock, alert on goods shortage, excessiveness and misplacement and prevent the goods from erroneous deliveries to the customers, upgrade factories to become the digital system factories, upgrade real-time data, help the whole work system for fast functioning, reduce working errors, losses, costs, both in the short and long term. It is yet another alternative for entrepreneurs to upgrade their industries to become digital and in trend industries with the investment of just only six digit number of Baht currency.


Mr. Weerawat Sriaraya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Quick ERP Company Limited (Quick ERP), said that, from his working experiences with Thai industrial sector, he found that one of the main problems of Thai entrepreneurs was that there was no devices and goods management system within the factories or warehouses consequently resulting in whether the number of devices to be used in goods transportations would be sufficient or not. Sometimes, damage had occurred to the goods and that the deliveries could not be made on time due to the insufficiency of the packing devices even to the extent of being unable to indicate the number of the existing goods as to whether it was accurate or actually or fully accounted for or not. All such problems substantially caused damage to the entrepreneurs.


“Quick ERP, being specialized in ERP system, therefore adopts problems of the entrepreneurs to continue to create an innovation to solve such problems by designing the Smart Gate that will help record the movement of the equipments and goods from one spot to another. Every move will be recorded into the factory system immediately. In addition, any anomalies: such as; wrong type of goods or an incomplete quantities as specified will accurately be detected, thus, making it possible to check or solve the problems in a timely manner because our Smart Gate will notify you immediately when moving goods that do not match the data is emerged. Moreover, it helps the entrepreneurs to substantially reduce losses to the extent of reducing the complexity of working within the factory to upgrading to be a digital factory without having to spend much money for relevant investment.”


Mr. Krit Peng-On, Quick ERP Research and Development Department Assistant Manager, added that, Smart Gate was suitable for all sizes of entrepreneurs ranging from small ones like SMEs to sizable industries because Smart Gate would be installed as a Gate In and a Gate Out for detecting and collecting data on moving objects both inbound and outbound to ensure whether the data was accurate or not. The number of Smart Gates would depend on size of the space and the number of buildings. If it should be an industry with a space for storage or less moving activities, such Smart Gate would require to be installed only at key spot to help in working with convenience, agility and clearly reducing errors.


Smart Gate, a Quick ERP’s work achievement, uses two-system technologies: an RFID system by attaching an RFID Tag to a crate or goods/product packing device and keying data into the ERP system. When the device attached with the RFID Tag is moving through the Gate, the gate will then send a detecting wave within a few seconds and then send the relevant data to be stored in the system and cut the stock inventory immediately. Another technology is the use of QR Code for attaching with the devices/crates or products and use AI camera installed on the Gate to detect data from QR Code and then save it into the system immediately. In this respect, the entrepreneurs interested in Smart Gate can choose technology for use as suitable.


Quick ERP CEO further gave additional explanations, “Bringing Smart Gate into the industry greatly helps reduce the working time from the traditional practices that took time for employees to count stocks and a long time for data log-in into the system which will take days in most case. But, after our Smart Gate is adopted for use, it will help reduce the working period of time under such process to be just only by the digit number of seconds. It addition, the Smart Gate enhances the paperless operation which is a reduction in the paper data recording by switching to the digital storage. Over in the past, employees would be used for keeping data on papers which was risky at loss and erroneous data recording. If the operation should be adjusted to use the data detection and log-in into a digital system, the data would be highly accurate, real-time fast storage and able to use the data more conveniently.”


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