Reed Tradex Celebrated Global Exhibition Day as well as Introducing Its New Commander-in-Chief and Revealing Hybrid Exhibition to Accelerate Economic Rebuilding



Reed Tradex participated in the 2020 Global Exhibition Day with UFI and 41 organizations around the globe joining in a united effort for publicity by raising the importance of the role on the broad and far-reaching contributions of trade exhibitions as a key to rebuild economies as well as introducing its new Commander-in-Chief who revealed the 365-day Hybrid Exhibition strategy by developing the face-to-face power mixed together with the power of digital technology to the extent of giving rise to the business opportunity and the most satisfactory exhibition experience.


This Global Exhibition Day (GED) 2020 was held for the 5th time with the supports from 41 organizations around the globe including UFI and members to publicize the importance of the Trade Exhibition Industry that plays an important role in the economic drive through the theme of “Exhibitions Are Key To Rebuilding Economies” which highlighted the significance of Trade Exhibitions that help revitalize the economies.


At the same time, Reed Tradex introduced its new Commander-in-Chief, Khun Waraporn Thammachari, Managing Director of Reed Tradex, who described the Trade Exhibitions as an important marketing tool which entrepreneurs in various businesses could use to interface with customers, revitalize and create brands in the markets most rapidly because it was an integration of the inspirations, ideas, technologies, knowledge, experiences, which were all catalysts to quickly help stimulate the rising of the remedies of businesses and economic situation throughout the globe quickly.


Meanwhile, we have not idly ceased our operations, but, have carried on our business to develop the Trade Exhibition Fair in the Hybrid Exhibitions by focusing on the use of the innovations and technologies to help maximize the benefits of the event: such as; Big Data for more in-depth analysis, emphasizing the needs of target customers, providing services in the form of Personalized Exhibition Experience including the development of AI for use in business matching to enhance business opportunities for participants which will eventually make the business opportunity concentration and the ROI of the participants more increasing than before.














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