Responding To All Industry Needs With Intelligent Function X-Ray Machine




Nexray (Thailand) Co., Ltd., whose parent company having been located in Japan and America, was founded in Thailand in 2004, which up to the present is over 15 years to manufacture instruments for use in machineries and tools for PCB and semiconductor industry. The company is also a service provider on the integrated solutions for PCB assembly industry ranging from the analysis instruments up to the inspection instruments.


Mr. Surasak Phonghirancharoen, Sales Manager, Nexray (Thailand) Co., Ltd., was on hand to present the feature of BA100 X-Ray XRF Coating Thickness Gauge which he described it as the machine that could measure both the metal and copper up to 4 layers, not including workpieces taken for measuring. The measurement deviation would be at 1%, but, at the time of the actual measurement, it would be around 5%-10% which is considered an acceptable discrepancy. The machine is equipped with a built-in daily test function allowing an access into in the form of Plug and Play. If the machine should be found to develop a problem, this function will repair or replace parts quickly to reduce machine downtime. The machine is easy to use, not complicated, being high in precision and stability with advanced technology at an affordable price. How this machine should be responsive to meet the needs would depend on most business operators in the industry of electronics, automotive parts, plating plants, jewelry making factory, etc.


On the after-sales-service, the company provides a 1-year warranty. Any rate, after the warranty period is over, the company will continue to look after customers throughout the period of use. We have spare parts for maintenances available in Thailand. Hence, our customers will waste no time because we are always ready to provide services in order to maintain our services at high level. In addition, we have continuously invested in training Engineers to gain more experiences which is a continuity on the technical aspect in order to provide the best services to our customers.


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