Rigid Technologies Enhances Production Potential with Mitsubishi’s SV-P SERIES EDM Machine for High Quality Hard Disk Drive Workpieces.




Rigid Technologies Enhances Production Potential with Mitsubishi’s SV-P SERIES EDM Machine for High Quality Hard Disk Drive Workpieces.




RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. was first established in April 1994, in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia. Specialized in manufacturing high-precision instruments for domestic electronics and semiconductor industries, the company has focused on being a business center in addition to customer needs along with its commitment to maintaining the quality. In 1996, the company consolidated the precision mold manufactures into range of products to support the mold assembly and the hard disk drive industries. RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. is successful in the business as evinced by being certified under ISO9001: 2005 as of today.



With continuous developments and a commitment to excellence, it had resulted in the business to be expanded in Thailand in 2002 in which the company under the name of RIGID TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD., was established.







Mr. Elvis Lim, Operation Director of Rigid Technologies Co., Ltd., said that the company was founded in Thailand in August 2002 and has currently been in business here for 20 years. With the reason of 100% Malaysian investor of the company, it has therefore received the investment promotion from BOI, an agency of the Thai government promoting foreign investment in Thailand by providing information, services, and incentives to interested foreign investors. From the manual machines such as conventional milling, turning grinding in the first phase of company establishment to CNC Milling, CNC Mill Turn, CNC Sinker EDM, CNC Wire EDM etc., Rigid Technologies is now catering various customers with High Precision Tooling (Tool & Die) and Precision CNC Machining services. What makes the company a domestically renowned company for a long time are key components which are the expertise in manufacturing high-precision 3D Micro EDM Milling machining with an accuracy of up to ± 2 micron for the Hard Disk Drive and semiconductor industries which are the company’s premier technology and know-how to strengthen its position of high precision machining shop in the country.



At present, with various type of precision machining facilities, Rigid Technologies Co., Ltd. manufactures parts serving both domestic and overseas customers ranging from Hard Disk Drive, electronics, semiconductors, automotive to automation industries, etc. The company has been the premium vendors for large foreign affiliated company in Thailand and 80% of them are Japanese companies. Thanks to rich machining experiences and exposures in the past 20 years, the company has been gaining good reputation and product quality in terms of reasonable pricing, prompt delivery lead time and high precision machining quality.







Notably in the Hard Disk Drive industry with demand of ± 3 microns, the company has high potential machining capability to fabricate by using 3D Micro EDM machine which can control the accuracy of workpieces up to ± 2 microns. This technology is suitable for the fabrication of workpieces with irregular and tiny 3D profiles less then 1.0 mm, providing the best alternative for conventional Sinker EDM which has high rejection rate for above mentioned case due to microscopic and brittle machining area.




“3D Micro EDM machine can provide a very high workpiece resolution up to ±0.03 mm for small holes drilling. Therefore, it is suitable for hard disk drive work or any other micro-machining such as watch manufacturing.”







The company provides customers with comprehensive services, i.e., customers can design workpieces for the manufacturing company or if there is no model, the company can advise and make a design according to the customer’s requirement until the customer is satisfied with it and thereafter the production will be carried out with the high-quality control principles according to ISO9001: 2005 of the company for which it has been certified.



On the proportion of production of high precision parts, the company produces to feed the Japanese companies based in Thailand and customers in Thailand of which is about 70%, where the other 30% are exported to foreign countries. Mitsubishi SV-P SERIES Machines Increase Production Potentials







On Mitsubishi SV-P SERIES EDM machines imported to enhance the production potentials in the factory, Mr. Lim further revealed that the reason for choosing the SV-P SERIES EDM machine of Mitsubishi is because it is a leading machine in Japan significantly noted to be durable, easy to use and equipped with high machine technology that can simplify difficult tasks and provide high resolution including easy maintenance.







What makes the company confident in Mitsubishi machines is due to the reason that the company has previously purchased Mitsubishi’s machines and has confidence that the machines had good production potential and yield quality workpieces. More importantly, if a machine should run into a problem, Mitsubishi’s Service Team consisting of both Thai and Japanese experts would immediately be at the scene to do the trouble shooting, thus, making the company having very much confidence in Mitsubishi’s machines. In addition, Mitsubishi has regularly organized training courses to build up knowledge and understanding of the machine’s operations for the company’s personnel. If Mitsubishi should organize trainings and seminars, the company would consistently send its personnel to take part in the trainings with Mitsubishi, thus, making the company’s personnel being able to increase their skills in using the machines, as well.




“Originally, we used Mitsubishi’s EDM machines. We adopt the new SV-P SERIES EDM machine for use is to upgrade our machine technology which we think it is suitable for the high precision machining of major types of our work that require high tolerance of workpiece dimensions and that this machine model can respond to our production needs. We utilize this machine to produce tooling works,” said Mr. Lim for conclusion.

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