S.M.T. Asia Upholds Machine Potentials in Response to Production Sector Needs

S.M.T. Asia Upholds Machine Potentials in Response to Production Sector Needs

S.M.T.Asia Co., Ltd., has been in business for over 27 years as an import and a distributing agent of metalwork machinery and machinery accessories relating to the mold industry and part manufacturers. The company has a Team of Engineers and Professionals for both sales and consultancies including service works on the installations and maintenances to respond to diverse needs of customers by placing the emphasis on the quality both on the products and services in order to assure the customers that the products and services they received from the company would be able to increase the productivity and efficiently help reduce the production costs.


Mr. Virach Chuapitiwong, Deputy Managing Director, S.M.T. Asia Co., Ltd., said, “if a machining center would be talked about, workpiece milling speed should be taken into account. As such, VMC 740 metal milling machineis hereby offered. The properties of this machine are that it can make a speed up to 12,000 rounds, can mill workpieces fast and workpieces of a variety of materials: such as; metals, stainless steels, aluminums, irons, etc. The spindle used is of high quality. Hence, the operation of the machine does not cause any disturbing noise. In addition, it can take heavy workpieces, as well. While on the waste parts, if a workpiece in the production process should be talked about as to whether any damage would occur to it or not,it would depend on the skill of the user and the designing of program which will be used in milling the workpiece. If everything should come out right, there would be no damage whatever. In most case, the damage have caused by the user making a mistake mainly in the machine settings.”


“Meanwhile, we must accept that Thailand is a country of diverse industries. In manufacturing parts or molds for creating various products, machining center is used as the main machine. Therefore, machining center is extremely essential in the production process of every factory”, added Mr. Chuapitiwong.


The company has more than 10 years of sales experience in the machining center. Therefore, our technician team can and will provide services on the installations, instructions on the use of the machine, and take care of the after-sales services for customers that we have all over the country. We have a management system that can all be done by ourselves, that can expedite various spare parts deliveries. If a customer should have a need for any spare parts, he would not have to wait for a long time, but, can fix the machine immediately. This is the most important thing which we have done in serving our customers.



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