SAINAIYAI Launches Innovative Non-Woven Abrasives Products For Metalwork

SAINAIYAI Launches Innovative Non-Woven Abrasives Products For Metalwork


SAINAIYAI is a company founded by 2 young executives: namely; Mr. Tanachot Sirithanyaset and Mr. Kunkrerk Kwanjangwat, Technical Sales Engineering the long and experienced veterans in metal fabrication industry who saw the needs for equipments and tools to help polish the surface of metalwork to get better quality and foresaw the efficient non-woven abrasive fiber product technology in helping manufacturers smoothening metal surfaces without any seams.

Mr. Kwanjangwat said, SAINAIYAI had carried out business in importing non-woven abrasive products from China. The company has 3 factories with the first one owned by TAC and being the manufacturer of non-woven abrasive pads where the other two are under INDA company. The first factory produces Abrasive Brush Wheels while the other one produces Non-woven Engineering Abrasive Wheels. In every product produced, very much importance is placed on the product quality. The manufacturer from China has R & D center and a technical team with over 50 years of combined experience ready to constantly provide services. In addition, SAINAIYAI has a service team with a long experience in metal work, as well. Therefore, customers or those interested in the products would not have to be worried about after-sales service work. Moreover, SAINAIYAI is a partner of Hefei Zhongtong Polishing Machine Co., Ltd., which is a manufacturer of metal surface polishing machines from China which stands readily to respond to the customers who need services in the form of machines and, furthermore, SAINAIYAI can also carry out actions at the request of the customers because  SAINAIYAI has a partner having expertise in the production of metal surface polishing machines to meet the needs of customers.

At present, SAINAIYAI is a distributor of 4 main groups of products: namely; 1. Non-woven abrasive pads. 2. Abrasive flap brushes and non-woven engineering abrasive wheels. 3. Hand tools being the products from Japan and 4. Metal surface polishing machines with 1 machine manufacturer: namely; Hefei Zhongtong Polishing Machine Co., Ltd.

Non-woven Abrasive Fiber Helps Smoothening Metal Surfaces

SAINAIYAI has products that can respond to the needs in the surface adjustment of metal materials after the operation of the machine. The product which we would like to offer is a Non-woven pad where the remarkably outstanding feature of which is the 3D opened structure that abrasive grains are coated onto fiber surfaces in many layers. Usually, the general fiber polishing pads are coated with thickness of only just one layer, but, the Non-woven pad will be coated throughout the thickness of each model depending on the usage ranging from rough work to fine work which will enable the polishing work to be done quickly without giving any rise to clogging, accumulation heat on workpieces or causing no geometry change. It can be used both in dry and in combination with solvents where on the part of the Engineer Wheel, technology higher than the general products in the general market places is used. We also have catalogs for customers to choose according to the usage standards. But, the really outstanding feature of the product is that it can be adjusted to accurately suit the customer’s productions by adjusting the wheel brush formula to suit the customers’ machines. On the metal polishing machine group, we can make design to meet the needs of customers whether it is on the matter of bringing robots in for use with the work process in each step. We can as well make calculations on all costs as to how many years they would be paid back. All mentioned above are deemed to be one of the services of SAINAIYAI that is ready to provide to customers in the Thai industry.

For Non-woven fiber polishing pad and wheel brush products, SAINAIYAI has kept them in stock up to 3 months and has a service team ready to provide services at all the times. Our target group is in almost all metal surface adjustment groups whether it is the automotive, aircraft, medical equipment and other furniture industries.







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