Searching for Aircraft Parts Manufacturers to Reduce Imports and Systematically Link the Industry


Searching for Aircraft Parts Manufacturers to Reduce Imports and Systematically Link the Industry

            The innovation and technology developments to increase the efficiency and raise the standard of product manufacturing to be ready for competing in the international markets is thus far the hope of the Thai industrial sector to be able to move towards the New S-Curve industry according to the government’s defined strategies which one of them is the Thai aerospace industry.

The private sector is considered a key force in building the domestic aircraft parts production chain for continuous growth. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the capacity of this industry to become stronger and stronger and link the industry systematically.

The manufactures of aircrafts, engines and spare parts used in the aircraft-related equipments are all vital components of every aircraft manufacture and it is necessary that the quality standard comprehensive inspections are required. Therefore, the investments in the    manufacturing technology for aircraft parts in order to meet high standards will be both an opportunity and a challenge for brave entrepreneurs who are ready to grab the opportunity from this industry.

Thai Aviation Industries Company Limited is one of the main business operators providing the Armed Forces aircraft maintenance services with engineering personnel and specialized and experienced aircraft mechanics from the Royal Thai Air Force to provide the maintenances and repairs of fighter, training and transport aircrafts and has increased its capabilities to provide maintenance and repair services for private aircrafts as well as aircrafts of some other government agencies.

Cooperation Developments with Manufacturers:

Thai Aviation Industries Company Limited has a deal on the cooperation agreement with Airbus Helicopter Southeast Asia that designate it as the company’s distributor in providing service and logistics supports of such family of the helicopters and the airbuses in Thailand and on the cooperation with SAFRAN Helicopter Engine Company in being its distributor to provide logistics and maintenance supports of SAFRAN engines installed on the airbuses and helicopters.

WG.CDR Disppon Marpatt, Director of Electronic Engineering Technology said, Thai Aviation Industries Company Limited or TAI is a maintenance service provider in the aerospace industry such as helicopters and airbuses. The TAI’s main mission is to build relationships with leading aircraft manufacturers around the world, provide aircraft maintenance services and sell aircraft spare parts including providing co-operations on trades, technical, engineering, supply, spare parts and training supports.



Searching for Aircraft Parts Manufacturers to Reduce Imports:


WG.CDR. Marpatt further said, Thailand accounts for a large number of aircrafts used in the Armed Forces and in commercial businesses that necessarily need repairs and maintenances while each spare part and part is rather expensive. In addition, the orders for imports of some parts may take a long time. The company therefore wishes to search for manufacturers of parts being the Thai manufacturers. Those parts will be used in the aircraft maintenance work. The company looks at this point as that if there should be a manufacturing factory of parts where the operations of which are carried out by Thai people, the parts such as nuts, screws, springs and other metal parts which are not too much complicated, would be able to be manufactured. All these parts when imported are very costly and if there should be domestic manufacturers that can do the manufactures by themselves, it could probably reduce the imports significantly. Moreover, the company needs to link business with all those manufacturers in order to develop the Thai aerospace industry to be sustainable in the future.

“Respective to the research and development of the aircrafts within the organization, we have built drones for use to assist medical patients. They will be the drones to transport organs or others for use in medical purposes to another hospital. In the first phase, we have reiterated such transports to the hospitals in the Bangkok vicinity first,” recapped WG.CDR Marpatt.

Whereon the part of the company’s maintenance supports, the followings are the company’s services: 1. Aircraft engine repair, for example, maintenance of Lycoming, Continental engine pistons, 2. Maintenance of equipments which is the maintenance of aircraft propellers and other equipments such as brakes, wheels and landing Gears, 3. Providing services on meter standard calibrations, on repair and calibration services for Aviation Test Equipment, Electrical Instrument, Physical/Mechanical Instrument, Optic/ Laser and Dimension, 4. Avionics maintenance works by providing maintenance services for airborne radio systems, air navigation aid systems and air radar systems and 5. Services to do the examinations without damaging the materials in which the services to detect defects or anomalies that occur on structural parts and aircraft equipments that have been repaired, are implemented. The company has four service centers which are Lopburi Aircraft Maintenance Center, Kamphaeng Saen Aircraft Maintenance Center, Nakhon Pathom Province, Takhli Aircraft Maintenance Center, Nakhon Sawan Province, and Don Mueang Aircraft Maintenance Center, Bangkok.

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