Setting up Railway Transportation System Testing Center to Strengthen Thai Entrepreneurs……. Accelerating Railway Transportation





Setting up Railway Transportation System Testing Center to Strengthen Thai Entrepreneurs… Accelerating Railway Transportation



“The Government” gives the importance to the development of the railway system which is an important component of the development toward a sustainable transportation system. As such, the development of the railway system is included in Thailand’s 20 year Transportation Development Strategy (2018-2037) and the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, which includes the development of land transportation network, the linking of important economic areas of the country and neighboring countries, especially, the railway network in accordance with the urgent investment plan to develop the train system to become the main system for cargo transportations including mass transit projects: such as; Multicolored Electric Trains, Double Track Railway System Project, Light Railway Project and the High-speed Railway Network Development Project to connect with neighboring countries in the sub-region: such as; the Thai- Chinese high-speed railway, Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima – Nong Khai Sector, etc.







Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESRI), by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) has applied Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to support the government sector railway transportation system policy through the operations of the organization under it which is the Railway Transportation System Testing Center (RTTC) that plays an important role in providing material/product testing and assurances to more than 40 Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Railway Line Construction Projects nationwide: such as; Mass Rapid Transit Project, Double Track Railway Project, Road Structure Strengthening, Project to improve railway routes that are not safe to operate on, etc.




Prof. (Research) Dr. Chutima Iamchotichavalit, TISTR Governor said that RTTC was ready to be a research and development supporting agency on the aspect of the product testing and assurances of the railway transportation system to be safe and meet the international standards that comprehensively covering all railway systems: such as; Double-Track Trains, Mass Transit Trains, Light Railway Electric Trains and High-speed Trains as well as supporting railway system technology of all camps: such as; railway systems of China, Japan and other camps: such as; Germany and Korea, etc.




On the maintenance of the railway system, TISTR foresees the need to apply modern technology for the maintenance of the railway transportation system to be able to provide continuous and safe services: such as; Smart Railway Maintenance technology, monitoring and keeping surveillance on the condition on the use of the railway system and locomotives in an instant manner, reducing the loss of service opportunities, making the most of safety and reducing maintenance costs.




Moreover, RTTC is ready to provide services on the railway product testing and assurances: such as; 1. Mono block concrete sleeper tests according to BS EN 13230-2 standard, 2. Concrete bearer tests in accordance with BS EN 13230-4, 3, Fastening system test according to BS EN 13481, 4. Flash butt welding tests according to BS EN 14587, 5. Aluminothermic welding tests in accordance with BS EN 14730, 6. Insulated Rail Joint (IRJ) tests according to AREMA and AS 1085 standards, etc.




In addition to the TISTR Railway Transportation Standard Testing Center to offer the analysis and testing services on the transportation system that comprehensively cover the railway system, the testing services in connection with road and water-way transports or multi-modal transport are provided, as well: such as; cargo trucks, electric vehicles, freight packaging, etc., to support safety on the use of railway transportation system and enhance the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs by making replacements on the imports of products in transport and logistics system, as well.









On the railway quality and safety standard assurance test, TISTR: RTTC, is subject to undertaking actions on the aspect of the Terms of Requirement (TOR) and the international standards: such as; ISO, EN, AS, UIC, AAR, AREMA, etc., covering road works and wheeled vehicle parts products: such as; concrete sleepers, rails and rail joints, rail anchor, signaling system parts, power distribution pole structure, power supply system above vehicle, brake system parts, wheel carriage, locomotives, etc., as well as providing services as a consultant to solve engineering problems for domestic train parts manufacturers.

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