Silicon Carbide Powder… Abrasives to Polish Workpiece for Smooth Surface and Beautiful Look with Quality


At the opening ceremony of the in Fultech Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is one of the industry leaders in abrasive materials with more than 35 years of experiences and is trustful by over 400 leading brands from variously manufacturing industries around the world. We are confident that our customers will get good quality abrasive materials and worth their work most. We expand the markets to Thailand to support our business growth here in the future.




Miss. Nisita Wattanasiri, Marketing Communications Officer and PR Assistant described the properties of black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide abrasives that, the black silicon carbide can be used for a long time and that it can effectively be reused for both hard or brittle materials with sharp cutting edge consistently. It is a surface abrasive material for finishing work, produced from the reaction between silica and coke coals at the temperature above 2,000°C. The black silicon carbide is used in the surface polishing and parts decorations process or tools that require high neatness and precision while the  green silicon carbide is more solid in the property compared to the black one. By its nature of being the grains with sharp edges in every fracture, the actions of the grains would even increase more sharpness of the abrasive granules. Therefore, the green silicon carbide sand has a stable abrasive performance which is ideally suitable for abrasive applications to hard metals. In addition, the degree of roughness of the abrasive powder can be selected in order to make workpieces more efficient. Both types of these silicon carbide can be used in a wide variety of industries including electronics, automotive, wheels, grinding wheels and optical industries.




Fultech initiates a research program for micro abrasives with a goal to produce fine and quality polishing materials for use on objects with optical properties, electrical semiconductor material and metal surface work. We have special techniques for quality checking that can build up confidences in our customers around the world. We focus on providing advices to our customers in order to allow them to be able to choose the products most suitable for their workpieces.



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