Smart Cutting Tool Innovation of the Future World……with LOGIQ

Smart Cutting Tool Innovation of the Future World……with LOGIQ

“ISCAR LOGIQ” is the topic of the lectures at the seminar of ISCAR (Thailand) Limited. It is a presentation of tooling category used in metal cutting work. ISCAR has continuously carried on the development of the products to keep pace with the present day manufacturing world progress. In the venue of this event, ISCAR presented a new product group called the “LOGIQ”, a product group being researched and developed to be in line with the production process in the Industry 4.0 era. A remarkably outstanding feature of metal cutting tools in the LOGIQ group is noted to be a smart tool that can respond to the working needs by linking it in the network via IoT which will result in the factory group to have more automation systems. The new ISCAR products in every LOGIQwill help increase the efficiency, provide accuracy and precision including yielding the quality products. The event opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Yuthana Thanabhusest, Managing Director of ISCAR (Thailand) Limited, who was also on hand to welcome the seminar participants who contributively made the number of the attendees up to 400 people at Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Airport.

In addition, Mr. Jacob Harpaz, Chairman and President, IMC Headquarters, was a guest of honor to give his lectures on the new “LOGIQ” group products in this seminar, as well. Mr. Harpaz revealed that “with the trend flow of HYBRID TURBO cars and the strong upcoming Electric Vehicles (EV) at the moment, has resulted in ISCAR to make the adjustments on the products to conform with the productions in Industry 4.0, which is the current global interest. ISCAR has carried on the product developments to be in compatibility with the EV production process because it would make ISCAR’s customers see and experience the innovation and technology which ISCAR is currently having. Respective to the products in Thailand markets, they are quite strong to the extent of making us feel that there is a lot of growth in the markets.”

Therefore, ISCAR and IMC Group would like to offer the Logic products in all groups that have been developed for customers in Thailand to know that all Logic products can meet the work processes in the Industry 4.0, disregarding whether they are LOGIQTURN, LOGIQDRILL, LOGIQGRIP, LOGIQMILL, LOGIQHOLD and LOGIQGRADES. Moreover, customers in Thailand will know of the fact that ISCAR has already developed the products to back up the future production processes.

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