Smart Tool Cabinet Prevents 100% Tool Loss, Reduces the Use of Caretaker and Storage Space Making Cutting Tool Management an Easy Matter

Smart Tool Cabinet Prevents 100% Tool Loss, Reduces the Use of Caretaker and Storage Space Making Cutting Tool Management an Easy Matter

Established in 2006, Toollink Co., Ltd.,has carried out business in distributing and providing consultations on leading cutting tools for machinery industry by offeringcutting tools products of high efficiency and quality to reduce machining costs: such as;in the manufacturing industry of automotive parts, machineries, aircraftsand molding works. Toollink is an official distributor of “ZCC-CT” and “Union” (formerly SsangYong), the two brands that are robust in the manufactures of the Indexable Inserts, Endmills, and Drills cutting tools which are made of carbide cermet, ceramics, CBN and PCD. In addition, the company provides technical advices in accordance with the concept on the use of the cutting tools in complete integration.

Mr. PairojNgamvinijsakul, Managing Director, Toollink Co., Ltd. said, originally, if any customers should needto manage the stock of the cutting tools in complete integration, they would have to invest in a sizable automation system together with the entire automation system of the factory which is quite costly. We therefore offered a solution to them, which was the Smart Tool Cabinet from the ZCC-CT brand. Because nowadays, the word Smart or IoT has more active role, Smart Tool Cabinet has therefore adopted IoT technology that can connect with wireless Lan for use in customers’ factories. Hence, the management and reporting on result of the requisitions of various tools for use will thus far be on online for entering into the system whether it is on the aspect of costing, production planning and control system or the accounting system in which the purchase orders can be made right away. This system is considered a basic system designed for use by the customers. Where on the matter of the connections with the external suppliers or those who are not in the factories, they can view all cabinet operations by way of remote control from outside the factories. Or in the case where a problem is emerged, such problem can as well be transmitted online to the cabinet and that the problem can be analyzed immediately. This cabinet is equipped with 4G system that can send data up to the Cloud by itself and extract thedata from the Cloud for utilizations or performing various tasks in order to manage the use of the factory tools. As for the matter in regard to the user or the cabinet operator, there must be,of course,the other people getting involved in. We use a sign-in system in entering for use. Another additional thing set up is the user facial recognition system, the user can therefore be defined for the cabinet to recognize in terms of the face of each person. The key feature of the Smart Tool Cabinet is to look after the tool stock; reduce the use of caretakers, the storage space and minimize recording errors on the tool disbursements; the rights and numbers of requisitions of each tool user are defined; the tool information data is linked to the manufactured parts; the use of all tools can be summarized and sizes of the Tool Cabinets,both small and large, are available to meet the customers’ requirements.

Whereon the matter of the after-sales-service, we have a Service Team of Sales Engineers to carry on co-ordinations from the beginning of the informational process to machining process co-planning, preparations for choosing cutting tool samples for testing and providing basic advices on the productions of workpieces. Every customer’s purchase order will be well taken care of with the efficient system according to the Principle of TPS and 6-SIGMA to ensure the customers’ confidence in us that they will receive the right products with quality, reasonable price and at the appointed time. Furthermore, our Team of Engineers

has held joint discussions with the customers and manufacturers to find the best solutions as an alternative for the customers to be able to use the quality cutting tools as well as educating them on the use of the products; conducting seminars and trainings to enable them to choose the cutting tools ideally suitable for their uses. We place the importance on the continuous product developments as well as providing technical advices in order to increase working efficiency of the cutting tools; save time to increase production volumes of workpieces and achieve the desired quality. We focus on working in corroboration with our customers which is yet another part of our work improvement and development to help our customers expedite their work faster; reduce losses, wastes, so that our customers can be optimally beneficial in all aspects.


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