Sniper 3015G Laser Cutting Machine Offers High Resolution, Modern, Economical and Cost-effective Products




Linkweld (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been in business since 2003 or more than 15 years. We are a leader in the selection of products and accessories for metal welding, cutting, notching, and drilling work with quality products from different countries that meet the industrial work of customers continuously to the extent of being always trustful by customers throughout the period of time and has been appointed an official distributor of leading brands: such as; TRI TOOL, ASEA, TOYOR, MAGNATECH, KARNASCH, SANVLK, LINKWELD, etc. In addition, we have variety groups of products being the automation system machineries ready to provide fully integrated supports to customer industries.








Mr. Pongpat Sroykum, Sales Department Head, gave his account on Sniper 3015G laser cutting machine as the laser cutter of high quality ideally suitable for metal cutting work requiring high fineness, rapidity and easiness to use. The unique property of the machine is that its cutting head system is water-cooling operated to reduce the temperature of the laser cutting head and fiber laser source consequently resulting in its useful life to be more prolonging. Both Raycus or IPG laser source can be chosen according to customers’ requirements. The machine driving system is equipped with accessories from France and Japan that can provide precision up to 0.02 millimeter and can cut steel up to the maximum of 10 millimeter thick, stainless steel and aluminum of  5 millimeter. It is also equipped with smoke sucking system with pipes connected for smoke emission out of the factory to reduce air pollution that will adversely affect the users or the surrounding area as much as possible.







We can recommend a laser cutting machine to suit our customers’ work according to their affordable budgets. In addition, we provide warranty on the machine for a period of up to 3 years with periodic checks every 3 months throughout the warranty period with a team of professional engineers being available to promptly serve customers. Moreover, we are committed to selecting new products and technologies to respond to the competitions in the industries of our customers continuously with quality, modern, economical and more cost-effective products.


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