Sodick (Thailand) Brings Smart Machines to Markets.




Sodick has been successful in developing many Japan’s unique identity machine tool technologies and that with the leaps and bounds technology as well as the other advanced ones, it makes Sodick successful in developing machines with high precision and being trustful by users in the manufacturing sector. In addition, each model of the machine is rated highest in the standard and recognized worldwide. Nevertheless, in producing the machines of high quality and precision, it is imperatively necessary that efforts must be exerted for the Research and Development (R&D) work on new products regularly.


While Mr. Pachara Prommachan, Sales Engineer of Sodick (Thailand) Co., Ltd., gave the information that, in 2020, Sodick brought out a wide variety models of the developed machineries for offering to the manufacturing industrialists and that the machine stealing the show and considered to be the highlight was AL40G EDM, Sodick’s newest model, that came along with Robot Compact SRC80. The distinctive point of this EDM model technology is its ability to improve working quality whether it is on the matter of a faster working process or even more improvement on the quality of the workpiece surfaces. Where on the aspect of the working system of the Robot Compact SRC80 that works in concert with AL40G EDM, this robot will help in the operation of automation, i. e., the working nature of Robot Compact SRC80 is its ability to replace tooling heads up to 30 of them which will help the work to be carried out smoother without any need for the operator to monitor controls in front of the machine. The machine is therefore ideally suitable for factories requiring revival to be more automation. This technology will be able to very well meet the needs of entrepreneurs because the machine can be set to work only once and thereafter setting, it will have its working process for a long period of time with no need for any operator to monitor control at all times.


“We want to offer this solution to factories requiring to improve their in-house production processes to become the automation ones in order to help those factories to reduce labor costs, working time and increase work efficiency even better. Respective to the machine maintenance, you can easily maintain them without any difficulty by just taking care of them according to the existing machine maintenance program.”             “If you are interested in Sodick’s machineries, you can drop by for a visit to our showroom center in the factory located at Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate, Pathum Thani Province, where you can experience and make inquiries about the features of each model with our team of experts on hand to provide pertinent information, as well. “Sodick” brand accounts for many outstanding machines whether Wire Cut, EDM or Metal 3D Printer.”


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