Solomon Upholds Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Expands Business in Thailand

Solomon Upholds Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Expands Business in Thailand


Solomon will, this year, start up its business expansion in Thailand. The products and servicesthat we will offer to customers in Thailand will all be the automation systems including robots, AI system and 3D Vision, with the goal of being in the factory group. We will present the products we currently have to our main customers engaged in the automotive, agricultureand logistics industries and also open additionalcustomer service centers whether it is on the aspect of the after- sales-services, maintenances, trainings to meet the needs of Thailand customers.

Mr. Johnny Chen, Chairman of Solomon Technology Corporation said, “the product that is the highlight which we would like to present to Thai entrepreneurs is called AccuPick 3D, the device that can pick up things with high precision and easiness because it is equipped with 3D scanner that can create high quality point clouds rapidly. Such systems can effectively recognize complex object shapes with the highest precision. AccuPick’s movement has been developed for robotic arms that are used to handle items from sizable crates in various industries ranging from automotive, electronics parts, food packing process, moving machinery to placing products on pallets for transportations. Such system can function under the complex environments and can also be used with variety kinds of robots.

Currently, Solomon’s products are widely used in many companies and industries around the world which have meanwhileexpanded to many more companies and all over the world to many countries which mainly includethe United States of America, Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam, especially, inthe transportation industry. It is expected that Thai entrepreneurs should likely be beneficial from the Solomon’s products. The growing demands and needs of robots in producing products in Thailand have consequently resulted in foreign companies to invest in Thailand.”


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