SYNTEC Penetrates Thai Markets…Focusing on Smart Products Serving Thai Industries




SYNTEC Penetrates Thai Markets…Focusing on Smart Products  Serving Thai Industries




SYNTEC, a renowned machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan and having been recognized worldwide, has focally  placed the importance on the research and development of software and hardware technology in the machine tool controller for a long time and has been committed to expanding its brand into the global markets. Thus, it has become one of the most influential and promising controller brands in the Asia Pacific markets.





Mr. Thanawat Techasomboonsuk, Sales Depart. Project Manager, Syntec Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, SYNTEC is a Taiwanese-based company having been established for 25 years by receiving supports from the Taiwanese government as a manufacturer of industrial equipments such as Automation Solution, CNC Controller, Servo Drive & Motor, etc. As for Thailand, it has set up a sales office here for 3 years. The main products introduced to Thai manufacturing industrial sector are mostly the controllers such as the CNC controller, automation controller and the robot controller. In addition to those, robot mechanical arms are products imported by the company.





At present, the company has branded its products into two categories. If it should be a product in the controller group, it would be branded as “SYNTEC”, and, if it should be a product in the robot mechanical arm group, it would be branded as “LEANTEC”. Mr. Techasomboonsuk further added, at the last year Industrial Machine Tool Trade Show, the company placed on exhibition and demonstration of SYNTEC’s LEANTEC brand robot mechanical arm technology on Robot Training for interested people to watch without taking into account as to whether the LEANTEC robot mechanical arm will work with CNC machine or any controller brand. It is unnecessary to use just SYNTEC robot mechanical  arm only because SYNTEC technology can be connected to CNC machines and controllers of all brands; just only connecting the signal to correspondingly align with the LEANTEC robot mechanical arm. The distinctive point of this technology is the precise handling of the workpiece which, in this course of action, the CNC machine will send a signal to the robot mechanical arm and when  the machine completes the production of the workpiece, the robot mechanical arm will pick up or grab the workpiece out. Another advantageous point is that the LEANTEC robot mechanical arm can work in concert with both older and newer model machines; just only connecting the I/O (Input/Output) signals in order to enable the signals to link to one another, the production operation can proceed on.





LEANTEC robot mechanical arm is ideally suitable for use in metal fabrication in which CNC machine is used for the automotive parts productions or various parts and may be used in conjunction with the other production lines if a robotic mechanical arm is needed.





“The LEANTEC robot mechanical arm is highly functional and the investment is somewhat not very high, thus, it is suitable for SMEs entrepreneurs because our products are of the Taiwanese brand resulting in the price to be affordable and the quality comparable to products from Japan, but the quality and price are tangibly affordable by Thai SMEs.”





The SYNTEC brand ranks the third place in the market sharing of the machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan and China. The reason why the SYNTEC brand is recognized by the manufacturing industrialists in those countries is because our brand has a wide variety of application functions with a reasonable price, thus, making those manufacturing industrialists preferring to choose SYNTEC brand products for use. In addition, SYNTEC can also develop machines, controllers, robot mechanical arms, programs or functions as required by customers.





The Service You Can Trust.   




SYNTEC materially places great importance on the service work in alignment with our slogan, “Fast Technical Service” to assure our customers that no matter from wherever SYNTEC products are shipped: such as; China, Taiwan or Turkey, all SYNTEC branded products will receive the after-sales-service equally. Syntec Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is readily available to provide services to customers through every channel in Thailand. And if any spare parts or equipments should be discovered to be damaged which the customers find them to be of the SYNTEC brand and needs to be replaced or repaired,  the customers can as well consult with the company. We will make the initial checks on the spare parts followed by the inspections for the customers.

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