Taiwan Smart Machinery Accelerating Manufacturing Transformation in Emerging Markets

Taiwan Smart Machinery Accelerating Manufacturing Transformation in Emerging Markets


Taiwan’s smart machinery industry hasintegrated precision manufacturing technology withinnovative information and communications technologyto provide total solutions for advanced manufacturing. As the world’s seventh largest machine tool producer and fifth largest exporter, Taiwan plays a crucial role in the global machine tool industry. The integration of sensors with IOT and Big Data systems has allowed Taiwan to become the Silicon Valley of thesmart machine industry.


Five leading Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers, AccuteX, Da Jie Electricity, Palmary, Tailift Group, and L&L MACHINERY, will showcase their smart machinery and innovative solutionsto global professionalsduring a webinar to be held onSeptember 17. With the support of TAITRA, these Taiwanese companiesare ready toreleasetheir cutting-edge manufacturingtechnologies to the world.


These technologies are aimed to redefine the different metal-working processes, improve themwith greater accuracy, and save more power as well as labor costs. AccuteXhas two new smart functions, ‘probing function’ and ‘final core removal function’. These features not only automatically complete workpiece measurement and alignment buteliminate the core asmachining is done by a new generation flush nozzle.Da Jie’s‘intelligent controls critical system’ collects optimum production parameters, providing customers with power-saving and excellent welding quality.


An unmanned automation solution offered by Palmary is the connection ofthree grinding machines with automatic loading devices to process three kinds of grinding requirements. Thisachieveshigher production, labor-reductionand saves space.Tailift equips its machine with AC Servo drive and numerical control technology featuring high speed, high precision, energy saving, and over-load protection.Heavy-duty CNC lathe specialist, L&L Machineryprovide a VR and AR experience before and after sales.These technologiesare used to show the functionality of lathes and to simulate machining processes, as well as to provide technical support for after-sales service.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown of countries and closure of factories has led to supply chain disruption around the globe, especially inemerging markets such as southeast Asia.Automation intelligence has therefore become the major focus in the manufacturing industry. Taiwan, as a smart solution provider and expert consultant,can facilitate the manufacturing transformation for emerging markets and betheirintelligent partner.


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TAIWAN – Your Intelligent Partner for Advanced Manufacturing


Date: Thursday, September17, 2020

Time:15:00-16:00, Taipei (GMT+8)



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