Tensile Strength Testing Machine that Can Measure Workpiece with Precision… and Cover all Industries






Hung Ta Instrument Co., Ltd., a pioneer in building testing and quality control equipments, has been established since 1975. We are the first factory in Taiwan manufacturing the testing and quality control equipments for the industrial works. The Company has strictly abided by the quality control policy in order to gain reliability, respond to the needs of customers and provide the best after-sales service.






Mr. Phiseth Klinsuwan, Hung Ta Instrument Co., Ltd., Engineer, gave his account on HT-2402 tensile strength and compression testing machine, that the machine’s properties with the test size ranging from 100 to 300 kN yield tolerance of the force value at +/- 0.1% when being put to use from 0.2% to 100% of the test size, with a resolution of 1 in  8 million pixels, minimum speed of 0.1 micron per minute. The machine is made of aluminum and ABS plastic, thus, making it rigidly strong that can be used for conducting the tests on tensile strength, compression, bending and bendable test. A ball screw is used to reduce the loss of kinetic energy and eliminate disturbing noise. It is controlled by touch system with efficient performance software by using wireless controller with a built-in camera that can work easily and quickly. In addition, the machine can measure workpieces in all industries: such as: the automotive, electronics, plastic, construction and textile industries etc. So, it can be considered that the machine can cover every industry.







“We have a CAD/CAM and R&D Center fully equipped with modern equipments in order to make sure that the products invented are up-to-date on the use and meet diversified requirements on the quality control. In this respect, our R&D Department is firmly committed to building and developing more than 200 types of reliable and high-quality testing machines and has consistently received standard certifications. In addition, we have a service team for our customers in Thailand as well as an expert engineering team to take care of customers.  When a problem is emerged, we can go in to perform troubleshooting work immediately without making customers wasting their times because we intend to serve our customers in full efforts”.

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