The Thai Automotive Industry Association Being Confident This Year Automotive Market Will Continue To Recover Together With Responding To Government Electric Vehicles


The Thai Automotive Industry Association (TAIA) organized an event of TAIA Meets the Press on the Topic of “Thai Automotive Industry Direction” with a look on the trend that the automotive market can continuously recover after the COVID-19 crisis in the country has begun to unravel. The Association was confident in various government policies that were ready to support the recovery of the entire economic sector including measures to promote electric vehicles that would strengthen the Thai automotive industry even more.


Mr. Suwat Suphakandechakul, President of the Thai Automobile Industry Association revealed that, “Thailand’s total auto production is forecasted to be at 1.8 million units, an increase from the previous year’s production of 1.68 million units, by dividing the production into 8 hundred thousand units for domestic sales and 1 million units for international exports. The sales of all types of automobiles of this year have been forecasted to be at 8.5 hundred thousand units, an increase of 90,000 units from last year’s sales or about 12%. Whereon the figures of the motorcycles, the total production is anticipated to be at 2,000,000 units and this year sales at 1,650,000 units, an increase of 3% because there are many parts of positively supporting factors: such as; the government’s preparation to promulgate COVID-19 to become the endemic from 1 July 2022 because more than 80% of the country’s population has been vaccinated and has adjusted their lifestyles to better live under the coronavirus situation. The country’s open policy by easing the lockdown measures, adding blue areas to pilot tourism, accepting both domestic and international tourists by easing controlled measures: such as; the Test & Go measure, the cancellation of RT-PCR testing before the trips which will begin on 1 April, etc., has resulted in the tourism industry to continue to recover. The National Economics and Social Development Council forecasts that the Thai economy throughout 2022 will grow by 4%, driven by a 4.9% expansion in the export sector, 4.5% consumption, 3.8% private sector investments and 4.6% government sector investements, including various economic stimulus measures by government sector in continuously helping people, entrepreneurs and people affected by COVID-19 as well as stimulating the economy over in the past year.”

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