TOYO Ready To Deliver Superior Automation System…Alongside Industry 4.0


With its focus on providing top-quality, cost-effective automation solutions, TOYO Automation has from modest beginnings to grown into an industry leader meeting the dynamic demands of Industry 4.0. The company continues to focus on the small-sized industrial robotic market with an extensive product line-up that includes electric actuators, servo cylinders, electric grippers, linear motors, cartesian robots, and automated guided vehicles.



TOYO Automation attributes its successes to the unwavering commitment to its founding principles: product evolution, stable quality, and pursuit of excellence, combined with the firm belief that relationships are fundamental to business. They are optimistic that they can create industrial automation solutions that exceed customers’ needs.



Mr.Stanley Yeh, Vice General Manager of Toyo Robot (Thailand) Co., Ltd., told us that TOYO Automation started in 2002 as an authorized robotics distributor for the Japanese DENSO and Yahama corporations. In 2008, the company made the leap to develop, design, and manufacture industrial automation equipment under its brand. After going from strength to strength in Taiwan, the company took its first step abroad by building a factory in Mainland China to compete in the world’s largest market.



On TOYO’s business expansions over TOYO Automation is now looking to copy this success in Greater China to other parts of the world, with a keen interest in Southeast Asia. When the company set up its first Southeast Asia sales office 1, 2 years ago, the company chose Thailand for its active membership in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and favorable business policies for international investors. The company says it now has big plans to open a manufacturing facility here, in Thailand, in its mission to better respond to customer needs and industry developments in Thailand and Southeast Asia. They hope that after an initial period of relying on support from the team back home, in Taiwan, they can find and develop domestic talent in design, engineering, and service to improve cultural and technical exchange with local customers.



The products that TOYO brings for offering to Thai industrialists are equipments related to the automatic drive systems such as Electric Actuator, Servo Cylinder, Electric Gripper and Linear Motor Robot. In addition, TOYO is conducting a research and development on more other products being the new innovations to respond to the current market needs. On the after-sales-service work of TOYO in Thailand, TOYO will initially use Engineers, Designers or Service Team from Taiwan to serve Thai customers in the first period and, thereafter, will search for skilled Engineers and Designers including a Thai after-sales-service Team to increasingly serve customers in Thailand. As mentioning above that TOYO has planned to set up a manufacturing plant in Thailand because Thailand has joined ASEM which will consequently result in it to receive multiple tax benefits for multinational investors. Therefore, it will be well advantageous for TOYO to set up a manufacturing plant in Thailand to manufacture products for exports, as well.



“The Thai government has pushed Industry 4.0, and for this reason, Thailand has been the top destination for Japanese companies seeking to get a foothold into Southeast Asia. With our brand-name recognition inside Japan and deep ties to Japanese companies through strategic partnerships and investors, TOYO Automation is confident that it can build strong relationships with the other multinational companies here, in Thailand. Therefore, we see a huge potential for business growth, especially as the Thai government encourages manufacturers towards adopting Industry 4.0 practices and greater automation, our products will be able to meet those needs in a wide range of industries,” concluded Mr.Yeh.

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