Waste Disposal in Industrial Factory…by Adhering to 3Rs Principle

Waste Disposal in Industrial Factory…by Adhering to 3Rs Principle


Most factory business operators have good waste management. The important factors making the waste management in accordance with the 3Rs Principle effectively carried out with efficiency are the awareness, commitment and support of the Executives because they are the most importantly driving force that make employees follow and jointly collaborate continuously, thus, making it possible to find the most effective and suitable waste management method for the factory model.

If talking about the waste management, “3Rs” are the most commonly used methods consisting of R-Reduce, which is a reduction or less use, e. g. using as needed; R2-Reuse which is a reuse and R3-Recycle which is recycling for reuse. The management of the “waste” under the 3Rs Principle is the waste management that places the importance to reducing the waste generations to the minimum, first, by focusing on the use of raw materials or production resources efficiently. Next, after wastes are generated, efforts must be exerted to find the way to recycle or reuse them as much as possible by making consideration on the potential utilization of each type of the wastes and related laws in order to minimize quantity of the waste residues remained to be treated and disposed of by choosing to use the waste disposal methods as a last resort.

At present, 3Rs concept has been applied for use in conjunction with clean technology or environmental management system in a wide range in the industrial sector. Many business operators expect that their factories will have good waste management and reduce the impact on the environment and their surrounding communities which, when actions are taken seriously, it is found that the duty performances are more efficient, the production costs can be reduced and a good image and feeling can be created to the customers including the creation of a positive attitude, good environment and acceptances by the communities around the factory, as well.


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