Weiss Technik, World Class Leader in Environmental Simulation…For Better Standard Tests





Weiss Technik, World Class Leader in Environmental Simulation…For Better Standard Tests




Weiss Technik is a market leader and one of the most advanced environmental simulation system manufacturers in Germany. With all these testing systems have enable it to simulate all weather conditions around the world and beyond under an intense condition whether it is a test for temperature, weather, corrosion, water or dust prevention including the suitable troubleshooting solutions and supplying systems of all sizes ranging from the standard models to the factories with self-integrated custom processes for high repeatability and accurate test results.



Weiss Technik has a team of experienced engineers and designers who can develop, plan and manufacture high quality and reliable heating technology systems in all fields of the product applications including heating/drying ovens, ovens for clean rooms, hot air sterilizers, microwave systems and industrial ovens. The product group ranges from the technologically advanced standard versions to customized solutions for individual production operations.



Mr. Patinya Jittawiriyakul, Sales Manager of Weiss Technik (Thailand) Co., Ltd., provides information that Weiss Technik (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is a leader and distributor of the temperature, humidity control and testing equipmentor known of otherwise as the “Environmental Testing Chamber”. In addition, Weiss Technik also has products being the equipments for use in testing various environments: such as; work in connection with corrosion, rust, water and dust testing. In simple words, Weiss Technik can provide services on the aspect of the temperature and humidity control equipment and tests of the customers’ equipments or workpieces in various environments.



Any rate, Weiss Technik’s products are divided into 2 main groups with the first one being the environmental test chamber products for use in the lavatory where the second one is the general chamber products for use in the productions where the designs and sizes of which are different ranging from small to large ones depending on what the customers will use such chambers with any type of work for which the Company can build. In addition to these products, Weiss Technik has products for use in a specific field of work: such as; machines for use in testing lithium-ion batteries, testing satellite dishes or testing workpieces in the aerospace and the pharmaceutical industries, etc.



Weiss Technik is a direct manufacturing Company with the factories located in Germany, France and the US, including an assembly plant in China, as well.




Efficient Environmental Testing Chamber




The product presented to the Thai industrial sector is the Environmental Testing Chamber of “Weiss Technik” brand having the ability to make the temperature from -70 to 180 ํC, humidity from 15%rH – 98%rH and simulate environmental conditions both in hot and cold climates depending on what the environmental condition where the tested workpiece is in. Mr. Jittawiriyakul further said that Weiss Technik’s each factory had its own workpiece standard. The Weiss Technik testing machines would help increase the accuracy and precision including the certification that the workpiece precisely meets the standard. Weiss Technik offers advices and consulting services to customers in order to make the workpieces suitable for use with the temperature and humidity testers for the industries that adopted them for use: such as; the automotive and electronics industries, etc.




On the part of the after-sales services, Weiss Technik (Thailand) has a team on wait to provide assistances to customers at all times as well as having stocks of spare parts to keep for customers, as well. Moreover, the Company has support teams based in Thailand and abroad with readiness to provide assistances in other fields, as well.

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