What kind of waterproof system is suitable for use as a deck waterproof system?



What is a waterproof system?

Waterproof system is a surface coating to prevent decks, pools, bathrooms from leaking, the buildings from being cracked where products of which in many varieties can be chosen according to the needs and the suitability for work conditions: such as; Polyurethane Waterproof Cement Base Bituminous, Acrylic Waterproof, etc.


Advantages of the waterproof system:

  • Preventing water from leaking;
  • Preventing mold and bacteria from occurring;
  • Not being toxic to the environments.


Why do we need to install a waterproof system?

Because our country is a tropically humid country usually hit with rainfalls and storm from the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea, consequently resulting in the concrete surface of houses and buildings to have a chance of contacting moisture and water sprays which are very small that can continue to gradually infiltrate to the extent of sometimes that they can penetrate into the steel structure eventually making the structure becoming rusty which, finally, will bring about a damage to the building. The use of a waterproof system will help prevent such problem from occurring.


Why is it necessary to have a waterproof system for the deck only?

The deck is a building area constantly exposed to the weather the whole time whether the sunshine that shines all days, rains and cold winds. The temperature has an effect on the object molecules because it makes the object expanded when it is heated and shrinkable when cooled. Thailand climate is constantly changing at all time causing the building to crack as well as enabling the moisture to penetrate into the structure. The deck waterproof system has a good holding force which can help reduce the expansion of the molecules of the building, thus, helping to extend the building lifetime, as well.


What type of waterproof system is suitable as a deck waterproof system?

Acrylic waterproof system.

The acrylic waterproof system is specifically developed for outdoor applications. It can completely prevent leakage with specially high flexibility that can help reduce the problem of cracking from the stretching and expansion of the mortar layer. The acrylic waterproof coating substance is a water based waterproofing material. It is therefore free from volatile substance and is friendly to users and environments.

In addition, it is not a flammable substance, while a substance with high adhesion strength that can well adhere to almost all surfaces, resist to UV rays and weather condition. It does not cause the deck to turn yellow, thus, being ideally suitable for use as a roof waterproof system with lightweight and does not burden the building structure. It is also easy to install.


Polyurethane waterproof system:

Polyurethane waterproof system is a combination of the excellent waterproof properties of polyurethane to become

a high quality polyurethane waterproofing technology. ‘Polyurethane’ or usually called for short as ‘PU’, is a synthetic

rubber with excellent adhesion to various substrates, exceptionally high elasticity and high tensile strength, tear and chemical protection. It is also resistant to water and UV light. Other than aforementioned, Polyurethane waterproof system is also durable to travel and easy to install.


Bituminous waterproof system:

Bituminous or known by Thais as the ‘asphalt’, is often referred to as the ‘bitumen’. It is a semi-solid liquid by its  nature, naturally originated from the by-products of petroleum refinery. It has a property of being highly flexible and able to prevent leakage and completely free from volatile substances, being friendly to users and the environments, high adhesion strength and able to adhere well to almost all surfaces. It is strong which is difficult to be torn off. In addition, the installation is not complicated.

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