X-ray Machine Technology That Can Efficiently Inspect Workpiece in Electronics Industry

X-ray Machine Technology That Can Efficiently Inspect Workpiece in Electronics Industry

Crest Nanosolution (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been in business since 1999 as a distributor having expertise in optical microscope and X-ray system for micro photo contamination inspections. Since the company’s establishment, Crest Group has grown up into a team of more than 150 famous regional people which is dubbed to be the largest technical support group in Southeast Asia specializing in the advanced microscopic imaging and complex analytical X-ray solutions.


Mr. Apichat Suttiboon, Sales Manager, presents the Nordson X-ray Quadra 5 together with the X-ray technology and describes it as being a highly efficient machine in the inspections, easy to operate and having 2D and 3D applications that allow the recognition of workpiece characteristics down to 0.35 micrometer. Its maximum power is 10 watt but can be carried over up to 20 watt. The sub-micron resolution value display has the active image stabilization which can also carry the automatic checking in accordance with QFN, BGA, Pad standards. The machine also has a variety of options to help customize the system to suit the utilization needs. In addition, it has special accessories such as HCT and X-Plane for virtual data segmentation without any need to cut the board. The screen can be controlled in 4 directions for X-ray calculation of automatic type and can report the result fast with reliability, efficiency eventually resulting in the acquisitions of high quality products. This machine is designed for use, particularly, in the electronics industry.

Regarding the after-sales-service, we have a service team to handle troubleshooting around the clock. We also provide a 1-year warranty on the machines whereon the following years, customers can purchase contact services throughout the machine lifetime. Usually, our company will specify the machine lifetime for a period of 10 years with equipments and spare parts available for supports. Moreover, checks are conducted for error on workpiece of the customers. If any customer should subsequently encounter a mistake, the workpiece will all be taken apart to find an error or errors so that the customer’s machine can be developed in order to make the work outputs lesser in the errors or no longer have any errors.

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