Henkel launches fire protection solutions for safer EV batteries



As the pace of EV adoption and innovation accelerates, OEMs and EV battery manufacturers are striving to develop more efficient ways to build batteries at scale, while providing the best possible safety in case of accidents and fires.


To take on this challenge, Henkel, a leading partner to the automotive industry, has launched two new protective coating products designed to shield the battery housings against heat and fire in the case of a thermal runaway event – Loctite EA 9400 and Loctite FPC 5060. When applied to battery packs, the coatings help to inhibit and delay the spread of fires.


Andrianto Jayapurna, President of Henkel Thailand, said, “As we transit to the future of e-mobility, safety continues to be a key priority. At Henkel, we see huge opportunities to collaborate along the entire value chain and deliver cutting-edge technologies without compromising on safety.”


Whether due to mechanical, thermal, or electrical incidents, thermal runaway events can occur when a battery cell enters a heating state and ignites a fire that spreads to neighboring cells. Battery safety solutions help to reduce or slow such events, thereby increasing time for vehicle evacuation.


Designed for automated mass production, Loctite EA 9400 and Loctite FPC 5060 are compatible with common automated dispensing systems. In line with Henkel’s commitment to sustainability, Loctite 9400 and Loctite FPC 5060 both cure at room temperature, thereby helping to reduce energy consumption and emissions.


  • Loctite EA 9400

Loctite EA 9400 is an active flame-retardant, fire protective coating designed for the battery pack housing. It is applied in a thin layer that does not add much weight to the battery. Thanks to its foaming characteristics and tough formulation for outstanding environmental resistance, Loctite EA 9400 can be applied on both the inside and outside of the battery pack housing to provide excellent versatility and also prevents battery box corrosion.


  • Loctite FPC 5060

Also created for the battery pack housing, Loctite FPC 5060 is a water-based, inorganic material that does not form any smoke or fumes when exposed to flame.  Its unique formulation does not include any hazardous chemicals and produces no smoke, no fumes, and no carbon during a fire – thereby further protecting passengers.


Learn more about Henkel solutions for battery safety at www.henkel-adhesives.com/th/en/industries/automotive/emobility/electric-vehicle-battery-systems/ev-battery-safety.html.

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