Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Brand from China Penetrating Global Industrial Markets


Based in China, SENFENG LEIMING LASER Company has begun to carry out its business since 2004 until the present which is more than 15 years. We have customers widespread all over the world in 160 countries with branches in America, Germany and India. We are the expert on the development and production of laser equipments including all types of fiber laser cutting machines with a production base for laser equipments and machineries up to the standard in the fully automated production process. We also can provide solutions to customers around the world with the best quality and services



Ms. Sirinapa Namkhaw, Sales Engineer, gave her account on the special feature of the 3015 HM fiber laser cutting machine as that it could cut both metal pipes and metal sheets from small up to the large size. In addition, the rear part of the machine can also be used for placing workpieces. On a 4,000 watt capacity machine, it can cut 20 millimeter carbon steel, 12 millimeter stainless steel, 10 millimeter brass and copper and 12 millimeter aluminum. On a pipe cutter, customers can choose to cut either the 3 meter or the 6 meter long pipes of 20-200 millimeters in diameter in a variety of forms with stability and precision. In the efficient cutting work, there are 2 systems of pipe clamping devices: manual and automatic; but, in most case, customers are advised to use the automatic system for convenience and rapidity in use. Moreover, the machine is equipped with air filter to help   protect users on the safety and the environments. This machine has been very much popular in the market places because customers are increasingly concerned over the safety and the environmental issues. Furthermore, the 3015 HM fiber laser cutting machine can be well responsive to the needs of the automotive, electronics, steel and pipe industries, as well.


Respective to the after-sales-service, we have a Service Team of Experts ready to provide services to customers around the world which include the installing of the machines and the conducting of trainings for customers free of charge. We also provide online services around the clock  throughout 7 days with our own system on real-time monitoring, thus, enabling the customers to check as to which parts of the machinery are faulty in order to help the services or trouble shooting to be carried on conveniently and much faster.