“HAIMER, World’s Tool Holder Leader…That Brings About New Technological Advancement To 4.0 Era”





Tool holders are devices for holding various equipment to spindles of the machines, which play a key role in the manufacturing precision. HAIMER is the world’s leading tool holder manufacturer, recognized by manufacturing industrialists.







Mr. Manapan Jirapirom, General Manager, Thailand & Indonesia Haimer Asia Pacific Ltd., said, HAIMER is a manufacturer and distributor of high precision tools for metal cutting from Germany and regularly participates in Metalex every year to showcase its new technology and innovation which have been developed. HAIMER’s products consist mainly of the system providers that can be easily connected to Industry 4.0 in the future.






HAIMER’s tools presented at this Expo consist of 4-5 machines approximately, with the first one being the Tool Dynamic Preset that combines working function with Balancing Technology and Presetting Technology to integrate them into a single machine to help the working process be more efficient and substantially reduce the space for placing and reducing various spare parts, and can also be used to balance the grinding wheel easily. Markets in Thailand have manufacturing industry of these tools somewhat rather abundant as they are necessary for use. Over in the past which was before the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, HAIMER had imported the tools for market launching and this year, we have come back to offer the presentation once again.



Another one is the VIO linear, a fully automatic Tool Presetter model that can be operated conveniently and easily. It is equipped with easy-to-operate function for a release by touch and measure by touch and enables customers to efficiently set up tooling to reduce machine downtime when setting up the tools.



And the third one is the Power Clamp Premium i4.0, a Shrink Fit having already been logged into the i4.0 system. Its coil is an automatic system with a built-in preset system and that the cooling system has an LED to control the working time. Therefore, when the Shrink Fit has already entered into the 4.0 system which is observable that there is a scanner to scan QR code to connect to the Tool Holder, it will make us known about the parameters as to where they stand in whichever the value and will eventually result in the errors to be reduced to the operators. In addition, all information will be stored in the data and can be retrieved for use in the future, as well.



And the last product that we would like to offer is PC NANO i4.0, a horizontal Shrinkfit which is suitable for small tooling jobs such as the BT 30, 40, the small sized tooling with diameters ranging from 6 to 32 mm., and the tooling horizontally inserted and the preset system is used to set the tooling overhang with the scanner system to control all functions. In addition, HAIMER has many other systems available to provide supports to customers such as Tool Holder system which is the Shrink Fit Extension, the device for connecting tooling in the case of wanting a long overhang holder system, which is categorized in mold work type, etc.



HAIMER offers the after-sales services for customers which, in this respect, the working system of the tools will regularly be inspected every year such as checking the working condition of the tools and making the annual PM system for all customers by a team of HAIMER experts as well as the existing HAIMER dealers.









“Another workpiece that we would like to offer to our customers to see is the Panther, which is a workpiece of HAIMER in the parent company in Germany in milling solid piece of aluminum with 5-axis machine until it comes out to be a Panther shape in 12 hours and 45 minutes which is considered very fast. All Tool Holder and Cutting Tools and machines of HAIMER are used in this process,” concluded Mr. Jirapirom.