Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand), Your best Partner Always and Forever, Prepares to Show off Fiber Laser and EDM Wire Cutting Machine Potential at Metalex 2023.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is a distributor of fiber laser and EDM wire-cutting machines in the manufacturing industry of Thailand for a long time including providing the after-sales services for nearly 30 years, which is a proof that indicates our highest working potential very well.



Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is ready to provide comprehensive services to meet customers’ needs and create maximum customers’ satisfactions in every aspect of the productions all along with the product developments and a Team of Expertise Engineers who have received in-depth specialized training being readily available to provide the best solutions to customers, so that the customers can be confident that the production process will be more efficient, as well.







With success and trust from customers for a long time, one thing being an important cog contributable to making the work successful and attaining the goal set by Mitsubishi’s top Executives is all Department Teams of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., that have seriously collaborated and truly understood the policy of giving the importance to the sales and service work to customers continuously. In this connection, Mr. Nopadol Kangsachart, General Manager of Industrial Automation Machinery Division, one of the leaders of the Sales and After-Sales Service Team of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed the machine tool technology of Mitsubishi to be placed on exhibition for customers to visit at this year’s Metalex 2023 would be that




“For Metalex 2023 this year, we have brought out our best machine to show at this event. The machine that we will offer to customers is the MV Series wire cutting machine, the best-selling product in Thailand.”






“What is very interesting likely to keep eyes on, is in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) which, in the future, we foresee that there will be a lot of trades, investments and growths in such area, especially, in the manufacturing sector that there will be an increase in the expansion, as well. Therefore, we have brought the MV Series wire cutting machine for offering because we believe that this machine can perfectly respond to the production needs, particularly, in the mold industry. In addition, the electrical circuit board or electronic circuit board is one of the Company’s target industries and Mitsubishi has a tool to respond to the needs of those industries, as well. Such technology is called Micro Laser because in the future, we may have to follow the production trends to keep up with the changing world.”



Mitsubishi has a plan to support the production processes that will occur in the future at all times and have great confidence in responding to customers’ needs immediately.







Mr. Jessada Chamnanmuang, Supervisor Sales Engineer Industrial Automation Machinery Sales Department, added that “For this event, Mitsubishi has a variety of machinery products to offer to customers, whether Mitsubishi EDM wire cutting machines or Mitsubishi fiber laser machines for cutting sheet metals. In terms of Mitsubishi’s after-sales service, we are ready to provide services by our Sales Section and Spare Parts Service Section wherein various parts are stocked for customers at all times including the after-sales service work in other Departments which are ready to regularly serve our customers.”







Mr. Teerasak Sara, Sales Engineer Industrial Automation Machinery Sales Department, said, “The machines that will be placed on exhibition at Metalex 2023 this year is MV1200R D-CUBES wire cutting Machine, the best-selling and most popular machine. The features of this machine include a D-CUBES touchscreen that can control operations on the screen and various operation monitoring ability of the machine on the screen, as well. For customers who are not working in front of the machine, there is also a support system where working conditions on mobile phone or tablet can be checked. The uniquely distinctive feature of this MV1200R D-CUBES wire cutting machine is that in the drive system, there is a Linear Guide Motor that can drive up to 4 axes, every axis from X, Y, U, to V. This linear system is solely a copyright of Mitsubishi. Another uniquely distinctive feature is that the machine is equipped with NL Control system, with the ability to cut workpieces up to 2 cuts and get the surface of the workpiece like cutting up to 3 cuts, which will help save a lot of time. Yet, another uniquely distinctive feature is that the machine could thread wire underwater if the wire should be cut off while working which, in this connection, the system will thread the wire itself underwater without any requirement to lower the water level. Therefore, this machine model will meet the needs of work group being in the Integrated Circuit (IC) type that requires high precision and resolution.”




Mitsubishi Fiber Laser…Ready to Show Off Its Full Working Potential.







Mr. Piyaphon Aomnoi, Sales Representative Laser Sales Department, gave his account in addition to the fiber laser machine that on the part of the current fiber laser technology, there was a tendency to gradually produce the machines with higher wattage which, in this respect, we had an R&D Team with the ability to carry out development work relentlessly. Currently, we have adopted the AI operating system, the first in the world in laser, to perfectly work in conjunction with the machines. When customers have got their work done, the AI system will automatically check the work to prevent workpieces from being damaged from cutting without the customers’ need to make the adjustment in any way whatever. This is an advantage of the AI system inside the Mitsubishi fiber laser machine. Whereon the matter of the beam module or generator cabinet, Mitsubishi guarantees the quality up to 5 years, as well as having a Team of Service Technicians to provide services which the customers can lay their trusts on in terms of providing the services in all aspects with their high expertise and experiences whether it is on the machine itself, the control cabinet, the beam generating cabinet, etc. The sizes of Mitsubishi fiber laser machines range from wattages of 4,000, to 6,000, 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000. Mitsubishi could also provide consultancies to customers if there should be a need for more watts than mentioned. Mitsubishi is ready to provide services to all customers at all times.








We Serve with Attentive Care…Respond to All Needs.







While Mr. Choosak Phumueang, Manager EDM Service Department, gave information about the after-sales services that Mitsubishi provided the after-sales services on more than 1,500 wire cutting machines and EDM machines and more than 250 fiber laser machines. Mitsubishi had Working Teams of up to 40 Engineers and Technicians where some of whom had more than 20 years of experiences standing readily to serve customers in every area with fast services including having a complete stock of spare parts, so customers do not have to worry about the spare parts. Mitsubishi had plans beginning from the machine installation, use, maintenance as well as care throughout the lifetimes of the machines. Finally, Mitsubishi’s Working Team is ready to provide services to all customers in the manufacturing industry.