After Sales Service – Mitsubishi : Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Strengthens Trust of Partners with Quality Service Team, Reinforcing Quality of Machines and Services that Must Come First.

The after-sales-service is the process and method of taking care of customers after they have purchased the products which is essential for all kinds of businesses, especially, for the businesses wanting to make the differences, increase confidences in customers and customers to come back to repeatedly make their purchases.





     Mr. Rerngrit Polchantuk, Manager Laser Service Department, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Right)

Mr. Choosak Phumueang, Manager EDM Service Department Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Left)



The after-sales-service also refers to an addition to the value of the products. If compared to the general products, a product with the after-sales-service would make customers feel more confident that their payments make it “worth the price” which, in the long-term, is considered to be yet another “unique selling proposition” of the products that build confidences in the employees and make the organization able to “open the door for new customers” more easily. With the above definition, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of fiber laser and EDM machines, has foreseen the importance of the after-sales- service for customers, thus, the knowledge is strengthened upon and important part of the vision conveyed to Mitsubishi personnel to adopt for further use in performing duties of each Department in the after-sales-service work to customers in order to achieve the maximum efficiency and the highest satisfaction to the customers, as well.












Mr. Rerngrit Polchantuk, Manager Laser Service Department, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed the main vision of Laser Service Department that, from the increasingly competitive situation, Mitsubishi has continued to develop and improve the laser machines. What must be developed to cope with such changes are: 1. All staff in the Laser Service Department must focus on the after-sales service-system, develop themselves to get to understand their own duties and be able to continue or improve the work that they are doing for betterment and continuation.




2.Placing the importance on the development of the laser machines and educate the customers on the basic use or troubleshooting of the laser machines so that they can understand the operations of the laser machine correctly and further apply them for use with more efficiency as well as being able to fix the basic problems on their own while allowing this laser machine to work continuously.




“I believe this is our strong point that enable us to compete with competitors, to build more confidences in the customers in the use and the service, especially, when the laser machine has developed a problem and such problem has quickly been resolved.”




Laser Service Department is responsible for helping to upgrade the level of the customers’ production efficiency whether it is the matter of 1. using the laser machines, teaching or giving advice to enable the customers to use the laser machine with maximum efficiency, 2. the service work by skilled Engineers when the machine has run into a problem which must precisely be corrected with most rapidity in order to minimize the impact on customers’ productions, 3. applying the laser machine for more efficiency to be able to respond to the needs of diverse customers and help the productions of the customers to increase or to be more efficient, and 4. Service work when the machines have run into problems by emphasizing the matter of giving information on the initial troubleshooting to customers so that they can solve the problems by themselves and their production processes can be carried on continuously.




We Provide Services Through All Channels with Innovative and Modern Solutions That Come with The Machines.




The Laser Service Department provides supports on variously diversified fields of the customer service work no matter what it is in the field of new technology for example: 1. The use of line official technology for helping on the use of the service work to increase communication channels for customers by making it in a Call Center style with the Engineers and Administrators being available to provide service supports whereby the customers can send in communication information on the request for spare parts quotations, notification reporting a problem with the laser machine or inquiries on other matters.




The use of line official technology has greatly contributed to the supports of the customers’ works, especially, when a machine has run into a problem. In each communication, there will be a picture or a video to help in the troubleshooting, thus, making the customers becoming understandable more about solving the problems by themselves. This is indeed a great consequence to allow the customers’ laser machines to function continuously and help the customers’ productions to efficiently be carried on in accordance with their plans.




2.Building the Company’s internal program system to help control the number of important spare parts of Mitsubishi laser machines to be sufficiently available to support the customers’ laser machine working in case of a problem and also allow quick troubleshooting by Engineers consequently resulting in the customers’ production to be least affected.




Mitsubishi Laser Technology Enhances Perfect Effectiveness for Manufacturers.




The Mitsubishi laser machine production technology adopted for use in the productions and help increase customers’ potential are as follows:




1.AGR-eco which is a technology to help save gas in nitrogen-based cutting whereby this technology, the wasted nitrogen-based cutting gas can be saved by up to 90%, thus, it can greatly help the customers to reduce the cost of nitrogen gas.




2.Zoom Head, a technology that improves the cutting efficiency, whereby there is no need for the customers to spare their time to change the lens size according to the thickness and type of material to be cut. It also reduces the time for the preparation of the machine before commencing work, thus, allowing more time for cutting and achieving more work output quantities.



3.AI Assistance which is a technology that helps in adjusting the condition of steel cutting automatically and controlling the customers’ cutting work quality continuously and can help reduce the cutting work wastes.



4.AI Nozzle Monitor which is a technology that helps detect the nozzle head when it has sustained damage from cutting and then replace a new one to help control the quality of customers’ cutting work continuously and can help reduce the cutting work wastes, as well.





Laser Service Team




By applying such technology, working efficiency can be increased and expenses greatly be reduced. Moreover, the laser machine after-sales-service work can be all handled and solved by Mitsubishi’s only one and single laser service team whether it is on the matter of the laser device or laser light generator, etc., which is definitely different from the general machines that require 2 teams of different companies to provide services eventually causing the customers to incur the duplicate costs.















EDM Service Department is considered yet another Department on which Mitsubishi has placed the importance in respect of the after-sales-service. Mr. Choosak Phumueang, Manager EDM Service Department Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., gave his account on the roles and duties of EDM Department that, the Department’s goal is to help upgrade the efficiency of the customers’ productions. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive services to satisfy the customers in our machine products and service teams which are our basic concept. Nevertheless, the important thing is that we specialize in upgrading our customers’ skills and abilities in order to go ahead towards the productions to meet the needs or more or even reducing the costs by using a combination of Mitsubishi technology and introduce working principles with new techniques from a highly experienced team, etc.




What Types of Products does Mitsubishi’s EDM Department Currently Have?  




We offer high quality products including Conductive Wire Cut EDM and Sinker EDM, as well as CAD/CAM drawing and fabrication design software which, at Metalex 2022, we will put on display our high-performance standard MV1200R D-CUBES Wire Cut machine, a model having been well responded all over the world, including Thailand, and can very well respond to the manufacturing industries of diversified needs in terms of the cutting speed, convenience for use, and reliability in the precision, for example: users can plan the cutting of the whole sheet of the progressive die with the software on the machine. Priority can be arranged for each cutting position easily up to the automatic form cutting which greatly minimizes the user’s control. Another model is the MP1200 D-CUBES hat focuses on the advanced production-oriented class both with small work groups such as Connector & Semi-Conductor or High Precision Stamping Die for EV Motor, etc. Where the SVP8 Sinker EDM, which combines all Application Technologies in the same machine in the form of of All in One, has distinctively responded to all the needs of work on the aspect of the surface resolution and high precision, especially, the Connector Mold Insert, etc.








Why Must Customers Trust in Mitsubishi’s Machines for use in the Productions?




We focus on the importance of giving customers a chance to use technology to help them in the productions as appropriate according to the nature of their work to the extent of regularly educating them with the organizational knowledge at the Know-How level by recommending them to use the technology and functions which a great many of them are currently available, worthily and fully. These are matters of importance to the trust of customers throughout the whole time. As for the machinery, Mitsubishi has never stopped with the development of the technology; continuous research and development have been ongoing. Most importantly, we, Mitsubishi, are a leading Company in fully integrated automation technology, including our self-developed electronic main circuit board which is trustful for its cost- effectiveness in the investment and can be used in Mitsubishi’s EDM machine products for a long time, especially, the after-sales service team, as well as various service products that we have continued to maintain the standard including the skill development of the staff regularly in order that the services can efficiently and quickly be provided.




For EDM service departmetn, “I have always focused on working in parallel with the marketing promotions and sales supports, especially, the Application Engineering, which is the main part of the coordination and connection in the business cycle of the distribution of machinery for use in the manufacturing industrial sector of metal forming. In other words, both Before & After Sale, that we have been involved in almost all business activities. Not only providing the services, but, our expert engineers have the duties to provide supports both on the information and technical aspect to all parties, as well, and quite often that we are trusted by customers in many industrial sectors to help them with the developments of new production processes to the extent that a lot of them have been successful. I look at these things as the real value that makes our business operations being able to sustainably carry on,” said Mr. Phumueang, Manager EDM Service Department.








Worthwhile the Price and Comprehensive.




We foresee that every customer’s investment in Wire Cut and Sinker EDM machines is expected with various levels, ranging from the ability to solve the existing problems or make an improvement in the production process to the smooth operations throughout the life cycle of such particular machine. Along with our customers, we have learned and closely provided the services and strived to create value and deliver things beyond these expectations in order to successfully achieve the quality of our work and, most importantly, our personnel who have continuously been developed as well as all groups of customers and all service personnel to have higher potentials whether in terms of knowledge, skills and a good attitude to love to work in the industrial sector with happiness continuously.