Autodesk Updated BIM Software for Possible Infrastructure Project Reimagination.




Recently, Autodesk organized a seminar on the topic of “Exclusive Session for Ministry of Transportation of Thailand” wherein basic construction industrialists were invited to participate to listen to speaker for the updates on Autodesk’s BIM software technology for construction works. On such occasion, Autodesk expert speaker, both domestic and international, were on hand to pass on knowledge on how to use Autodesk’s software for maximum efficiency. In addition, a workshop to demonstrate the actual working of the software was included in. Moreover, Autodesk had business partners, such as, Wise Engineering Service Co., Ltd., a distributor of 3D scanners from Faro (Thailand) Co., Ltd., C.S.N.I. Corporation Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of drainage system manhole covers and Synex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., a distributor of Autodesk software in Thailand, to present the construction industry products to interested persons. The event was held at Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Bangkok.







Wise Engineering Service Co., Ltd., is a distributor of 3D scanners from Faro Co., Ltd., (Thailand). The product put on display on such day was a Faro focus premium machine, a 3D laser scanner where its working principle is to scan data to be a point cloud that can store all physical data which we can eventually use the information for designing by processing it through the popular software by Autodesk Revit which is suitable for BIM, Construction, Survey, Architecture, up to Manufacturing and others, etc. If you think of the best solutions, “Faro Thailand & Autodesk” is the best and if you think of the best service, “Wise Engineering Service,” is the best,” said Ms. Praewanan Watphacharachote, Sales Representative.





While C.S.N.I. Corporation Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of manhole covers under “Pro” brand and accepts jobs from government agencies. In the seminar held by Autodesk, government and private sector customers were present, therefore, it gave us an opportunity to get new customers and introduce our existing products to them to get to know more, especially, the highly potential and diversified Autodesk’s customer group. That was the reason for our participation in such seminar. The highlight of our product which is the drainage culvert pipe cover produced by the company has the feature of being able to wash and clean itself. That is, our manhole cover having a small groove similar to an apple shape because manhole covers usually have a simple belly and when the scale or dirt falls, it stays and cannot flow away anywhere. But if it is a “Pros” pipe cover, when water flows down it will hit the slag causing it to rise and flow away so that it can easily clean itself. Another type of the products that we have is a drain cover sieve which is usually lost, but the “Pros” grating is designed to be the same as the drainage system which will be rust-free cast iron with a long useful life. Because of being the cast iron material, it can easily be designed according to the usage. So, at C.S.N.I. Corporation Co., Ltd., we provide completely integrated services. said Mr. Pisitsart Klinsrirat, General Manager





And Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the distributor of Autodesk software in Thailand, has erected a booth to present the Autodesk software solutions that come with an easy-to-understand software for designing infrastructure works regarding structural and construction works, by well-trained experts from Autodesk. Mr. Panupong Pattanaphong, Product Manager Section Manager, said that by joining in erecting the booth with Autodesk in this seminar, we want to meet the end user customer and government agency groups to showcase Autodesk’s software solutions, including HoloLens 2 camera with AR/VR, designs that can do easily designing by just simply exporting files to AR/VR to create virtually realistic shapes, thus, making it easy to work and consistent with Autodesk’s solutions. Synnex (Thailand) has a Working Team to provide services at all times from giving advice, troubleshooting to various technical aspects by experts in a specific field for customers. We also organize online seminars to increase knowledge and upgrade technology solutions with us.