ANCA Manufacturing Solutions Rebranding for New Step in Future Growth and Expansion of Solutions to Support Customers’ Diversified Needs



Mr. Nicholas Doyle, General Manager at ANCA Manufacturing Solutions (Thailand) Ltd., announced the company’s strategic rebranding from ANCA Sheet Metal Solutions. This pivotal move marks a new chapter in our pursuit of excellence, broadening our capabilities and commitment to providing bespoke manufacturing solutions globally.




Building on a foundation of innovation and unwavering quality, ANCA Manufacturing Solutions stands at the forefront of comprehensive manufacturing. We specialize in delivering an array of advanced solutions, from precision sheet metal products to multifaceted manufacturing processes. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, including engineering, design, sophisticated manufacturing, and advanced coating techniques. This expertise is further amplified by our robust capabilities in mechanical assembly and electronic system integration. Integral to our commitment to client success, we implement supplier Kanban and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) systems, ensuring a seamless, responsive, and efficient production flow. This approach not only optimizes the supply chain but also offers our clients the best value for money by reducing excess inventory, minimizing waste, and ensuring just-in-time delivery, aligning with their exacting demands for quality and efficiency. The rebranding to ANCA Manufacturing Solutions reflects our dedication and evolving approach to delivering custom-tailored, contract manufacturing solutions across a spectrum of industries, including agriculture, mining, and emerging sectors like renewable energy and electric vehicles. With four operational factories and a fifth on the horizon, our expansion is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.






Guided by Mr. James Alastair Nippard, our Business Development Manager, ANCA Manufacturing Solutions is developing an ambitious sales strategy to achieve an average yearly growth rate of 25% leading into 2023. More than just targeting growth, this strategy is intricately designed to adapt and respond to the evolving demands of industries shifting towards sustainability and innovation. Specifically, we are focusing on sectors poised for transformation, including electric vehicles, agricultural automation, and advanced energy storage solutions. Our goal is to enhance our offerings in these areas, particularly in delivering more advanced assemblies, ensuring that we not only grow but also align our growth with the emerging needs and opportunities of these dynamic sectors. Moving forward, we are strategically positioned to drive technological advancements and sustainable growth within Thailand’s emerging electric vehicle sector.