Cenergy Solutions, World Leader in Transforming Energy to Clean Energy

Cenergy Solutions, a world-class energy storage company, manufacturer and distributor of CNG/ANG components, was founded in 2012 by a highly experienced businessman who had a strong desire to help reduce pollution and dependence on oil worldwide.



As the natural gas could absorb to replace dirty fuels with biogas, Synergy Solutions therefore made a major breakthrough in the Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) technology that enabled the storage and transportation of large quantities of natural gas/biogas to be at low pressures which could greatly reduce the hassle and cost of using this renewable resource. The Synergy Solutions low pressure absorbers could make it economically feasible to replace dirty fuels worldwide with clean natural gas/biogas.







Mr. Ken Sawdang, Consultant to Cenergy Solutions Co., Ltd., said, Cenergy Solutions is located in Lamphun and is a company engaged in the business relating to intermediary technology that can bring natural gas/biogas to applications in 2 aspects, i. e. 1. Cooking gas, e. g., in Lamphun whereat we have taken biogas from pig farms and compressed it into tanks for villagers or communities to use by setting a reasonable price on it which is lower than in the marketplace, 2. Gas used for vehicles or CNG/ANG, but, the gas that we use is different from the conventional gas, i. e. the Activated Carbon is added into the tanks to increase the traveling distances of the vehicle by up to 20%.



The technology adopted for use is an innovation as a result of a continuous research and development for more than 10 years and has been in use with value. It can be exemplified at the Company whereat there has been a research and development on the substances: such as; Activated Carbon, which has a loosen powder. The Company has devised a filter to prevent the powder from slipping into the engine or system. The fineness value of this filter is 0.5 micron that can well trap such debris in the tank, as well. While ANG is a know-how from a start-up company in the United States of America.






A study on the natural gas/biogas was conducted in concert with the group of pig farm entrepreneurs in Northern Provinces, which account for a lot in number, especially, Lamphun, by studying the use of those biogases to make use of them and obtain information to the extent of making research and development for commercial purpose.



Every industry can use those biogases in its business establishment for any and all purposes of the utilizations; whether as fuel or in vehicles. Therefore, if any plant should be faced with a problem on the wastes from starch, waste water or digester, these plants can use Cenergy Solutions systems to replace the gas for further use without wasting any energy.