D. K. DIE-CUT CO.,LTD. We are Leader in DIE-CUT Industry Ready to Lead All Customers to Success.

More than 20 years of experience in the industry producing high quality DIE-CUT blocks for many world-class manufacturers and factories has resulted in D. K. DIE-CUT Co., Ltd. to rapidly be successful and continue to expand its production capacity to the extent of becoming a leading entrepreneur in the productions of DIE-CUT blocks with the most cutting-edge production technology nowadays and still adhere to the quality policy of Being Committed to Developing Quality Products, Making Delivery on Time, Satisfying Customers, Joining in for Continuous Development. This is to create the maximum satisfactions to both domestic and overseas customers.





Mr. Kamjudge Normklom, Company Managing Director, revealed that, D. K. Die-Cut was established in 2000, having personnel with knowledge and expertise comparable to world-class standards to support the needs of customers in all types of DIE-CUT products. This DIE-CUT is a component in many different product manufacturing industries such as automobile, electronics, paper packaging, plastic packaging, clothing, textile, ornament industries, etc. It can be said that the products could fulfill all four requisites in today’s life.


“We are a manufacturer of molds for cutting applications in the packaging industry also known as “DIE-CUT” and are considered as one of the forefront ranking manufacturers in Thailand. The DIE-CUT molds which we have produced can be used in a variety of industries such as the packaging industry, printing house, label work, plastic working group, vacuum, corrugated paper cutting work, stickers or in the automotive industry such as parts, etc., for more than 20 years, thus, making us know of the techniques of producing various workpieces with exceptional skills.”




On the production process, the Company has adopted world-leading machinery technology from many countries for use in the productions, especially, the pilot laser machine for DIE-CUT mold production work which the laser machine of LASERCOMB LTSNEO brand from Germany is in use. For such purpose, the Company ordered the machine of special size ranging from 1.5 to 3 meter that can perform rotary die-cuts for corrugated cardboards of a maximum length of 3 meters and a maximum size of 800 millimeters. So, it has been considered to be the largest size of their kinds in the market. Regarding the matter relevant to the automatic knife bending machine and the designing software, the Company also uses world-leading brands as well as deploying a Working Team of a long experience history that makes the Company able to produce DIE-CUT molds with quality, precision and special properties to respond to the customers’ needs for most efficient use. In addition, the Company also has a Working Team with 20 delivery trucks and 2 sales offices in Chonburi and Bangkok for expeditious product deliveries to meet customers’ demands.


D. K. Metal Work Co.,Ltd. …Another Success of Ours.


Mr. Normklom further added, “D. K. Metal Work Co.,Ltd. is another company of ours founded in 2013, and engaged in the business of laser cutting, folding, welding and assembly for all types of metalworks with fiber laser cutting machines and folding machines in various sizes according to the nature of usage. All types of the machineries adopted for use by the company are modern ones, thus, making workpieces coming out with quality, precision and yielding high production capacity. The latest development is that the company has installed a new fiber laser machine of HSG brand with the power of up to 20,000 watts. This 20,000-watt fiber laser machine can cut irons, stainless steels, and aluminum up to 60 millimeters thick, provide a smooth, beautiful, and fast cutting surface. While on the matter of the folding machine, the company has the MURATEC brand folding machines with various sizes to choose from according to the customers’ needs. Therefore, these two sectors of the machines will definitely help the production process to expeditiously generate the work outputs with high quality and consistently meet the standards wanted by the customers which is in accordance with the company’s resolution that “Customers’ Success Is Also Our Success.”