Epson Arm Robots… and the Changes that Make a Difference in Auto Working by Changing Production Line and Yielding Business Result




Mr. Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, Managing Director at Epson (Thailand) Company Limited, said while 2023 was a challenging year, it proved that his company had implemented the right strategy and stayed ahead of the industry. In 2023, the IT market shrank by more than 10% from 2022, however the company’s estimated revenue grew by 8%, which company move to shift its focus to the B2B market five years ago. So, when the B2C market turned volatile, it was not affected. Aside, the company has constantly enhanced its product line-up and created new S-Curve. Epson’s innovations have spawned new market segments and developed a new base of customers. The company, moreover, has successfully stolen market share from not just competitors but also the tech industry. Today, Epson Thailand’s revenue has not relied on just old products or any single product category. Importantly, because Epson has connected its brand with sustainability from the very beginning, it stays on the top of customers’ minds when they are looking for green solutions


Epson Robot:


Comprising Epson Robot, Epson Scara Robot, Industrial Robot, Epson Picking Robot, Epson Scara Arm Robot, Industrial Arm Robot, Screw Tightening Robot, Material Handling Robot, Welding Robot, Paint Spraying Robot, Packing Robot and Lifting Robot.


Mr. Yanyong revealed information on this matter that robot markets still had the opportunity to grow further depending on many factors. Because robots played an important role in helping with automation systems within factories, reducing human labor or in various work sectors or may help in increasing the production efficiency, therefore, any factory that tended to move forward, the robots would be the important component part. Another issue was the investment starting-the-production factories for exports wherein it would possibly be necessary to bring in robots for use in the production process. So, if the world economy should grow or the Thai economy should expand, there would be more opportunities for the robot growths.


“What can be noted at present is that the medium to small enterprises are increasingly using automation systems in their production processes which is considered a good trend in the robot market.”


“Currently, the government sector has supported the relevant investments and the factories have turned to use the automation systems to reduce human labor, thus, resulting in the robot market to grow all along. For the reason that Epson’s robots are small robots that can pick up materials of not much heavy weight (not more than 20 kg) with precision and take up little space, therefore, factories requiring less space or wanting to use small robots in the production line, Epson robots will be yet another option for those business establishments. Epson robots are ideally suitable for the automotive parts manufacturing industry, especially, in the production of EVs, electronics including food industry.”






Epson has already had the robots put on display and demonstration on their work processes at the Thai-German Institute to allow interested people to visit and try out the use. Such event is a collaboration between the Thai-German Institute (TGI) and Epson, and very soon, Epson will open its own showroom for those interested in Epson products to visit and watch the demonstration of Epson’s technological performance. Another remarkably unique feature of Epson is its software which is easy for programming the robot’s working process. Another highlight is the robots’ precise and stable function.


Epson places great emphasis on pre-and post-sales services by having service teams for engaging in the service work ranging from Pre-Sale for both Partners and End Users, no matter what they are of the technical work, program writing, system installation, spare parts stock, etc., thus, allowing customers to be able to receive comprehensive and rapid services. There is also a team of Japanese as well as international experts available to provide technical supports and various functions.