Messe Düsseldorf Asia opens largest infrastructure expos in ASEAN 28 countries to showcase 200 innovations in wire, cable, tubes and metallurgyEnhancing the potential of 30 industries as the country fully reopens

  • New trends in growth of wire, cable, tubes, foundry and metallurgy, still in demand from many industries, with opportunities to gain a competitive edge


Messe Düsseldorf Asia has linked up with theinfrastructure sector to host four major exhibitions on the manufacture of wire, cable, tubes, conduits, foundry and metallurgical engineering with over 100 exhibitors from 28 countries around the world. The events are 1. 14th edition of wire Southeast Asia, 13th TUBE Southeast Asia for tubes, pipes and conduits, 3. The first ever GIFA Southeast Asia, an international forum for foundry, and another first, METEC Southeast Asia with a focus on metallurgy. Hosting these trade fairs aims to showcase the role of wire, cable, tube, conduits, foundry and metallurgy in the business cycle of over 30 industry sectors. There are key trends forecasting increased value and industrial opportunities to which operators must adapt. All four trade exhibitions are scheduled for October 5-7 2022 at BITEC Bangna.



Mr. Gernot Ringling, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf Asia said that in the big picture, economic recovery in both ASEAN and Asia is going in a better direction, for the manufacturing sector in particular. By Q4 of 2023, infrastructure and construction in various categories are expected to have seen improvements in the previous three quarters over the same period this year. This recovery leads to demand for components, metal working and equipment for construction. This is a prime motivation for many business operators to develop their technology and continue to innovate to meet this demand, in the coming economic transformation. Areas of innovation include being friendly to the environment, intelligent systems and data management among many others.


Messe Düsseldorf Asia is looking forward to demand for these resources increasing as the country reopens. As a result it is focused on being a platform to stimulate heavy industry in Thailand, ASEAN, Asia and Europe. It is organizing four large trade shows in Thailand which are the 14th wire Southeast ASIA 2022, the 13th TUBE Southeast ASIA 2022, the 1st GIFA Southeast Asia 2022 and the 1st METEC Southeast Asia 2022.


Besides stimulating growth in the wire, cable, tube,conduit, foundry and metallurgy sectors, Messe Düsseldorf Asia also expects these four exhibitions to bring about meaningful change, such as: Wire and cable, Tubes and conduits, Foundry and metallurgy and all four exhibitions will simultaneously highlight key technology in over 30 industrial categories, while also providing fascinating information from industry leaders to be prepared for the new economic and industrial world. This includes the critical role of improving the productivity of maintenance and heat-based technology for the metal plating industry. Then there are all the various standards expected to appear in the future, and trends of using Big Data.