Procurement Centre (Thailand) Opens Showroom for Customers’ Visits to See Special Pricing Machine

















On 22 September 2022, Procurement Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd., opens its showroom for customers’ visits to see the machines and tools no matter what they are the folding machines, bending machines, fiber laser machines of a variety of brands and models which are put on display. Among the other important things in the sheet metal work, the folding and punching machines are considered to be the most important tools. Within the Fair Ground, there is a team of expert engineers on hand to give recommendations on the Tooling ideally suitable for your specific workpieces or provide techniques of selecting the fold and leaf groove to be precisely in accordance with the applications. In addition, you can design a leaflet and a special type of folding groove, as well. On this occasion,    Mr. Obsakul Venakul, Managing Director of Procurement Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is on hand to welcome all customers visiting the showroom of the Company as well as having dinner, meeting and talking with them to express his appreciation for their trusts in using the Company’s services. A great number of the customers attend this event though.