STUDER Achieves Successful Fiscal Year 2023 was able to increase its sales and gain market share in many regions.

STUDER Achieves Successful Fiscal Year 2023 was able to increase its sales and gain market share in many regions.



From left: Jens Bleher – CEO, Stephan Stoll – COO, Daniel Huber – CTO, Sandro Bottazzo – CSO









This year’s press conference of Fritz Studer AG was under the motto the “Sound of STUDER”. “The recently completed fiscal year 2023, notably the year of our 111th anniversary, was extremely successful,” said STUDER’s CEO, Jens Bleher, in front of about in Steffisburg. Despite the globally challenging investment environment, the manufacturer of precision cylindrical grinding machines was again able to increase its sales. Especially in key markets like the USA and China sales developed positively. Asia was, as in previous years, the largest single region followed by Central Europe and North America.



Consistent investments in product development and site infrastructure have paid off. “We have turned our announcements into reality and used the time to improve our market position and strengthen ourselves for the future in the long term,” he said. STUDER was able to gain market share in many regions of the world. Moreover, the new sales record in the Customer Care segment was very pleasing. Bleher took it as a positive sign for the upcoming fiscal year that the order situation developed exceptionally well towards the end of the year.




Although the development of incoming orders was weaker in individual markets, such as Germany, China, and some Asian countries, other parts of the world saw positive results. “We achieved good results in many countries and even posted a new record order intake in some,” said Sandro Bottazzo, CSO at STUDER.



Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Trust in STUDER



Measured by customer segments, the aerospace industry once again generated the largest increase in new orders. This industry has now overtaken the declining automotive and supplier industry. The “Tool” segment remained below expectations. The largest individual segment, as in the prior year, is “precision engineering,” which is dominated by contract manufacturers. “I am very pleased that our grinding machines are so highly trusted by small and medium-sized enterprises, and that this segment remains strategically important for us,” explained Bottazzo. The “mechanical engineering” and “die & mold” segments also maintained their important positions. Additionally, the increasing demand for precision cylindrical grinding machines in the semiconductor industry was very pleasing.



Record Sales in Customer Care



For STUDER, an internationally positioned manufacturer of precision cylindrical grinding machines, maintaining a broad portfolio remained of particular importance in 2023. Incoming orders for CNC universal cylindrical grinding machines were very solid. The machine with the highest volume was the S33, followed by the favoritCNC, the S31, the S41, and the favorit. “When it comes to internal cylindrical grinding machines, it was the third-best year for incoming orders in the company’s history for the S131,” said Bottazzo. Orders for the new S100 internal cylindrical grinding machine were also very pleasing and exceeded targets.



Customer Care developed very positively. “Here we were able to set a sales record for the second consecutive year,” said Bottazzo. This applies to all business areas: from maintenance and service, to spare parts and overhauls. Particularly pleasing was the development in Eastern Europe, where STUDER now performs service with its own skilled personnel in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary.



Globally, STUDER participated in about 30 trade shows, and open houses. In addition to CIMT in Beijing and EMO in Hanover, the open house at UNITED GRINDING North America was particularly successful. At EMO 2023, STUDER was able to present at one trade show three automation solutions for the first time in its history with the new insertLoad loader as well as the roboLoad and uniLoad.




Important Developments in Spindles and Automation



In 2023, the focus for STUDER remained on the development and advancement of state-of-the-art grinding technologies for the benefit of its customers. The S36 production external cylindrical grinding machine is particularly suitable for components related to e-mobility. “Now our customers can use all spindle variants and automation solutions without restrictions on the S36,” said CTO Daniel Huber. Thanks to the new, powerful grinding spindle with 25 kW (33 hp), it is possible to use particularly wide grinding wheels up to 160 mm (6.3 inches). A new option is high-speed grinding with CBN or diamond grinding wheels. With the fully compatible easyLoad and uniLoad loading systems, customers can highly automate their production with the S36.



Huber was pleased with the success of the new S100 internal cylindrical grinding machine. It has established itself in the entry-level segment for internal grinding, analogous to the favoritCNC in external grinding. Thanks to last year’s development, the S100 now has a new, powerful dressing spindle (Ø 58), which is also planned for further models in the future.



Customers can eagerly anticipate new features in the successor machine to the popular favoritCNC : for example, an angle display of the wheelhead, the popular QuickSet setup function, and a conventional mode as a manual grinding cycle that efficiently allows for the manual grinding of workpieces without any programming.




New Features Announced for C.O.R.E.



A particular focus in development in 2023 was also on C.O.R.E., the revolutionary hardware and software architecture of UNITED GRINDING. “The C.O.R.E. touch operating panel already allows an unprecedented level of intuitive use, and soon there will be a customizable interface, where operators can define and save their workspace,” explained Huber. Data collection and analysis, as well as new sensors and instruments, were also a focus.



The CTO then provided an outlook for the future. “The issue of sustainability continues to be important for us,” he said. The SmartJet® cooling system developed by STUDER, already significantly reduces the need for coolant and energy in the grinding process, setting new industry standards. Huber also sees great potential in the semiconductor industry. Demand for high-performance semiconductors is rising due to e-mobility and photovoltaics. STUDER’s S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine with in-situ X-ray measuring head sets the standard in wafer manufacturing and is extremely successful in the market.



“In the long term, only the machine manufacturers who offer intelligent and efficient machines incorporating the latest technology can be successful,” summarized the CTO, reflecting on the extensive development activities over the past year.



STUDER Ensures Competitive Delivery Times



For Operations, Stephan Stoll, COO of STUDER, provided an overview. “The production-mix of the machines manufactured has shifted to more complex systems in 2023,” he said. Due to active procurement management and the normalization of global supply chains, orders were completed on time. Stoll positively assessed the implementation of the joint production strategy within the UNITED GRINDING Group, which provided STUDER with good utilization.



Key operational projects included investments in automated manufacturing tools and state-of-the-art test stands. STUDER is one of the few grinding machine manufacturers to produce its own high-quality spindles. The expertise for these strategically important machine components was specifically expanded. Comprehensive structural and logistical measures were further invested in Steffisburg and in the internal grinding competence center in Biel for these prerequisites and further growth.



STUDER Connected to the District Heating Network



Sustainability also played a significant role. “Since February 2023, the Steffisburg site has been connected to the local district heating network, thus heating all buildings in an environmentally friendly way,” explained Stoll. Furthermore, the conversion of all buildings to LED lighting is largely complete. Overall, energy consumption and CO2 emissions have significantly decreased.



The COO also gave an outlook for the coming fiscal year. “After the considerable investments of the past years, the redesign of our logistics processes and warehouse infrastructure is now imminent,” said Stoll. The centerpiece of this project is a central logistics hub with a directly connected container warehouse. The higher efficiency of the fully automated warehouse system benefits the entire machine production and the handling of spare parts.



In conclusion, Jens Bleher emphasized the great importance of well-trained employees for the technology company. He was very pleased with the recent successes at the prestigious professional championships, SwissSkills. Last year, STUDER apprentices Luis Salzmann (1st place, design engineer EFZ) and Noah Rossel (2nd place, automation engineer EFZ) won the gold and silver medals with their outstanding performances. “STUDER is represented for the third time in a row at the WorldSkills. We are very proud of this, which confirms our extensive commitment to vocational training,” said CEO Bleher.




New Universal Loading System: insertLoad








The new insertLoad automation solutions supports the loading and unloading of S33 and S31 universal cylindrical grinding machines and can load workpieces between centers and into the chuck.



Where customized solutions were previously necessary, the new universal loading system from STUDER now enables standardized automation for loading and unloading the S33 and S31. insertLoad can be used for center distances of up to 1,000 millimeters (39.4 inches), thus closing a gap in standardized automation systems. The workpieces can be up to 100 millimeters (3.94 inches) long and weigh 1.5 kilogram (3.3 lbs) in alternating mode or 5 kilogram (11 lbs) in a single mode. The sophisticated design and the ease of use with the digital setup wizard allow users to configure this themselves for centers and chucks no programming knowledge is required. And insertLoad can handle workpieces that are stored either vertically or horizontally.







STUDER is internationally renowned for its high-end cylindrical grinding machines, but even with its entry-level machines, customers benefit from uncompromising quality and precision.



“We are continuously expanding our entry-level range for customers who appreciate STUDER quality and utmost precision but do not need all the features from the premium segment,” says Sandro Bottazzo, CSO of Fritz Studer AG. He describes the philosophy behind the entry-level machines in the product range as “uncompromising STUDER quality and precision at an entry-level price.” Specifically, the machines in the entry-level segment include the favorit, favoritCNC, and S100 models.





Advantages of STUDER’s Entry-level Machines:

  • Products with the highest STUDER quality and precision
  • Attractive value for money with short delivery times
  • Standardized grinding machines with various configurations
  • Easier operation and simple maintenance for operators
  • Machining of workpieces in different sections
  • Grinding of threads or non-round shapes possible
  • Optional integration of a loader interface and an automatic operator door, depending on the model







Technical Data of the favorit at a Glance

  • CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for the individual and batch production of short to long-sized workpieces
  • Distances between centers of 400/650/1000/1600 millimeters (15.7”/25.6”/39.4”/63”) and a center height of 175 millimeters (6.9”)
  • Workpieces with a maximum weight of 150 kilogram (330 lbs)
  • External and internal grinding possible in one setup







Technical Data of the favoritCNC at a Glance

  • The CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine is a leader in value for money and suitable for universal use
  • Distances between centers of 650 (25.6”) or 1000 millimeters (39.4“) and a center height of 175 millimeters (6.9”)
  • Workpieces with a maximum weight of 80 or 120 kilogram (176 or 264 lbs)
  • External and internal grinding possible in one setup





Technical Data of the S100 at a Glance

  • The ideal CNC universal internal cylindrical grinding machine for the entry-level segment covers a wide range of internal, face, and external grinding applications
  • Workpiece length (incl. clamping device) of 550 millimeters (21.65”) and maximum workpiece diameter of 420 mm (16.5”)
  • Grinding diameter external: max. 420 millimeters (16.5”)/ internal: max. 300 millimeters (11.8”) / grinding length internal: max. 200 millimeters (7.87”)




Fritz Studer Award 2023 – Innovative Grinding Technologies Warmest Congratulations to Dr. Emil Sauter







Fritz Studer AG has awarded its research prize, the “Fritz Studer Award”, for the seventh time. Applicants from several European countries submitted their work. Dr. Emil Sauter won the award and the prize of CHF 10,000. The Fritz Studer Award is aimed at graduates from European universities and technical colleges. We were looking for creative ideas and solutions for the machine tool industry. “The objectives of the research prize are, on the one hand, to boost innovation in the machine tool industry with feasible solutions, and on the other hand, to promote young technical and scientific talents,” says Dr. Frank Fiebelkorn, Head of Research and Technology at Fritz Studer AG.







The Focus should be on These Specific Topics:


  • Innovative machine concepts or components for machine tools used in precision machining
  • Alternative materials in the machine tool industry
  • Simulation models for the dynamic and thermal behavior of machine tools
  • Control and sensor concepts for machine tools
  • New or evolved manufacturing techniques, especially in precision finishing processes like grinding, hard turning, etc.